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Protein needs a calculator: How much protein per day?

 Protein needs a calculator: How much protein per day?

We often hear that it is enough to eat large amounts of healthy foods to build an impressive and muscular figure. There is a lot of truth in all this, but much better and faster results will be achieved with a balanced diet. How many calories should I consume? How much protein per day will help you reach your goals?

What factors influence the amount of protein we should consume daily?

The internet is full of myths about the theory of how much protein is needed to grow and maintain muscle mass. The question may seem too simple - just choose an average value from the suggested quantities (eg 1.6g/kg body weight), match the formula and reason.

 Perhaps, but how can you be sure that the intensity of your workouts will be enough to get your daily serving of protein? The level of physical activity and the regularity of exercise is one of the many essential aspects to consider when determining the optimal amount of protein to consume in a day.

To calculate the protein content of a daily diet, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • gender and age,
  • height and weight,
  • number of training sessions per week,
  • the type of physical activity practiced,
  • The number of calories consumed so far,
  • Training goal (eg bodybuilding, strength work),
  • Food intolerance (eg, lactose intolerance).

How do I determine how much protein I will need per day? Use the Protein Needs Calculator!

There are several ways to accurately calculate the amount of protein your body needs. The first, of course, is to consult a qualified dietitian, who will also prepare a balanced diet plan. However, in many cases, the cost of this service may be too high for your own budget.

Another method is to use ready-made formulations, which are commonly used by the aforementioned nutritionists or personal trainers. Unfortunately, in the case of ordinary people, the lack of knowledge of some basic principles of proper nutrition can be an obstacle in calculating the amount of protein per day that will be optimal.

Technological advances have made it possible to find protein demand calculators online without any hassle. These are simple and intuitive apps that allow you to quickly determine your protein intake to meet your daily needs. In addition, they also allow you to take into account the already mentioned level of physical activity or the goal that you want to achieve.

Protein Requirement Calculator: How Much Protein Can We Supplement As Nutrients Per Day?

Balanced and varied nutrition plans include the use of protein nutrients, which should be considered an appropriate form of a complete protein source. When considering the purchase of a dietary supplement, it is worth checking out the offer of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, whose products, such as 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate or Pure

 Whey 95 Isolate, are prepared according to pharmaceutical standards and necessary safety procedures. The company has modern laboratory facilities and innovative technology that allow it to ensure the appropriate level of purity of the raw material used in production.


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