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Protein for the elderly - an important point in the daily diet

 Protein for the elderly - an important point in the daily diet

Age is just a number, which is why we can often observe amateurs and professional athletes who represent the older generation with dignity. Regular physical activity, no matter how intense and experienced we are, requires a diet that provides adequate amounts of protein, which is known as the building block of muscle. Can Seniors Be Supplemented With Protein With Protein Supplements?

Why do proteins play an important role in the elderly?

Older people should take special care to follow a varied diet and provide the necessary nutrients in their daily diet. Macronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and fats - play a special role. Protein for seniors is the building block of muscle. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It is therefore important to provide it in sufficient quantities, including in the case of the elderly, who often have weight problems due to the gradual aging process.

Over the years, older adults' approach to healthy eating and physical activity has evolved significantly. Today, a large percentage of older people actively choose to spend their free time, and it is not surprising that they regularly participate in various group activities or visit

 gyms. Increased levels of physical activity, even if of a recreational nature, will necessitate increased demand for protein by older adults. In addition to this effect on muscle mass, protein helps maintain bone health, which can be valuable in reducing the risk of injury during exercise.

What are the appropriate proteins for the elderly?

First of all, it is worth checking out protein sources that can actually be beneficial for the elderly. Aging is often associated with various digestive problems or limited assimilation, so the diet of the elderly is affected by many exclusions. The sources of protein most often

 mentioned are eggs, legumes, fish, white and red meat, nuts and seeds, as well as dairy and seafood. However, it must be remembered that some of them can be difficult for the rather sensitive digestive system of an elderly person. Therefore nutritional support, and appropriately selected supplements should be considered.

The current food supplement market offers a variety of protein-rich products, which allow you to easily and quickly supplement your diet with healthy protein.However, not all preparations can boast the presence of high-quality raw materials and tested purity, which

 can only be obtained at the pharmaceutical level . Dietary supplements and nutrients, including protein for seniors, are offered by the brand Olimp Sport Nutrition - a global manufacturer whose products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art laboratories of the Olimp Research and Development Center!

Seniors looking for a completely pure protein source should look out for 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate which can be used successfully as a supplement to daily meals thanks to its natural taste. Fans of flavor-enhancing nutrients can find delicious flavors from

 Olimp's flagship supplement - Whey ProteinComplex 100% (concentrate and isolate), or the delicate taste of Pure Whey Isolate 95 (isolate). All products are a source of whey protein with rich amino acid properties, which is one of the most popular sources of protein in the diet of physically active people.

What is the appropriate amount of protein for the elderly?

The diet is very individual and everyone will need a completely different amount of protein in their daily diet. In addition, the level of physical activity is also important, which means an increased need to cover losses incurred during training. How much protein can be

 provided to the elderly in the form of nutrients? The brand Olimp Sport Nutrition generally recommends 1-3 servings. However, it must be remembered that dietary supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a balanced diet, but only as supplements. A varied diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle play an important role.


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