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Protein Chocolate Cream. Try it in your diet!

 Protein Chocolate Cream. Try it in your diet!

No one said that eating healthy should mean giving up sweet taste! A little creativity is all it takes, and our daily menu can change beyond recognition. Thanks to the Chocolate Protein Cream, you can break the boring taste of routine deliciously and without risking unnecessary fat!

What should the chocolate cream contain protein?

It is not difficult to guess that the basis of chocolate protein cream will be a suitable content of healthy proteins. The proteins contained in the cream will contribute not only to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, but also to the maintenance of a good condition of the bones. In addition, protein has a high level of satiety, which eliminates the feeling of excessive hunger and reduces the risk of snacking. So it is easier to control the correct body weight. Not forgetting that each part is a clear step towards a slender and athletic silhouette.

The composition of the chocolate protein cream should contain carbohydrates, which will provide additional energy. However, it must be remembered that a good solution is to abandon the famous white sugar and use low-calorie substitutes, for example, erythrol or xylitol. However, the fruit should be the main source of carbohydrates in the cream. Products that give a creamy texture are the best option, such as bananas, pears or mangoes.


The taste of chocolate can be obtained by adding bitter chocolate (at least 70%) or low-fat cocoa. It should be noted that these two components are a good source of magnesium, which has a number of valuable properties, for example, it helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, and it has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles. It promotes good protein synthesis.

What is the source of protein in Chocolate Protein Cream?

Each recipe will recommend completely different products that can be used as a complete protein source. Half-fat cheese, beans, hummus, cottage cheese or tofu are just a few examples of the ingredients that can be used to prepare chocolate protein cream. However, if none of them are right for you, you should consider purchasing a protein supplement.

For this purpose, a 100% whey protein complex would be a good choice. The product is a well-researched composition of complete concentrate and whey protein isolate, which, thanks to different absorption kinetics, ensures a uniform release of the nutrients and amino acids present. Moreover, the product is available in different forms of chocolate, which also

 gives your recipe a distinctive and incredibly tasty taste. Conditioning is a key element in the offering of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - one of the leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements and preparations for physically active people and professional athletes. The product has been prepared using advanced technology and raw materials that have been tested for purity.

Chocolate cream with protein as a food supplement

Since we have already decided to prepare a protein chocolate cream, it is worth using it in a variety of existing recipes. In what meals will you find a special benefit?

  • Crepes / pancakes
  • omelette for dessert
  • Fruit cocktail
  • Soft cheeses and yogurt
  • Cake and sweets food
  • Morning and evening porridge

Bon appetite !


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