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Protein breakfasts - basic information

 Protein breakfasts - basic information

The role of the first meal of the day is undoubtedly important, especially in the context of working on slimming and the correct weight. Is the trend of protein breakfast daily health and nutritional reasons? What do you want to know about preparing these meals?

Protein breakfasts - the benefits

There is no doubt that protein breakfasts are an effective way to boost and maintain muscle mass. Complete proteins of animal and vegetable origin are an essential component of muscle tissue. In addition, protein is also a valuable source of amino acids (such as exogenous BCAAs and EAAs) that help maintain optimal nitrogen balance, which is one way to protect muscles from the negative effects of strength fatigue and endurance exercises.

Eating protein breakfasts definitely helps in dealing with high levels of hunger and excessive appetite. Protein provides a prolonged feeling of satiety and very effectively fills the stomach. The slow digestion process makes it possible to forget about hunger for a long time - especially in the case of legumes, which often provide a significant part of the

 valuable dietary fiber. Thanks to this, they increase the metabolic rate and help to lose excess weight faster. That's why breakfast with protein is recommended for people who are losing weight and fighting stubborn fats.

Delicious protein breakfast recipes

Have no idea of ​​a delicious and nutritious protein breakfast? Here are 4 amazing suggestions for adding variety to your existing menu and serving up a serving of essential protein!

Breakfast with protein: oatmeal, raspberry protein

Add 1 portion of Olimp Sport Nutrition 100% Chocolate Whey Protein Complex and a pinch of natural yogurt to boiled oatmeal and stir until smooth. Then add fresh or frozen berries and garnish with chopped walnuts.

Protein breakfasts: a vegan cocktail of fruits and vegetables

Perfect choice for busy people! Add a banana, a handful of fresh spinach leaves, a serving of Chocolate Olimp Veggie Protein Complex, and a teaspoon of Olimp Peanut Butter Smooth to a glass blender. Mix the ingredients to make a smooth cocktail - a nutritious and delicious breakfast before your planned workout!

Protein breakfasts: savory or sweet omelette

Making an omelette can be tricky, but not with the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand! With the Olimp Hi Protein Omelette, you can easily prepare a delicious omelette rich in protein, which can be salty (eg with tomatoes, ham and feta) or sweet (eg with fruit, chocolate, nuts and cashews).

Protein breakfasts: homemade hummus

Vegetable spreads are ideal for protein-packed breakfasts, but they're also a great addition to other meals (eg as a base for sauces). Boiled chickpeas should be mixed with roasted sunflower or sesame seeds and a small amount of oil. Season everything with your favorite spices (such as black pepper, sweet and hot pepper, and a pinch of salt), then blend everything with a blender until smooth.


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