Protein before exercise. Is it a good idea?

 Protein before exercise. Is it a good idea?

The use of protein supplements after training has been one of the main points of supplementation for physically active people for many years. no wonder. Maintaining an adequate amount of protein helps maintain and increase muscle mass, which greatly facilitates the work on a muscular and athletic figure. But what about using protein before exercise? Is this approach wrong and does it produce the expected results?

Why should protein be used before training?

We need energy for each exercise, which is best obtained with a full meal. Nutritionists and coaches recommend that pre-workout meals contain an optimal distribution of essential essential nutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The calories in food will be used for effective exercise and will provide the building blocks needed for muscle tissue growth.

Using a pre-workout protein will not only help stave off hunger during your workout. Protein is a rich source of essential amino acids (including the BCAA and EAA complexes), which are one of the essential building blocks that contribute to muscle tissue. Some professionals suggest that amino acids can be valuable for overall nitrogen balance and also help maintain optimal protein levels in the daily diet.

Where can I get pre-workout protein?

It won't be surprising that healthy, nutritious foods are the protein sources for your pre-workout meal. In terms of proteins, eggs, milk, dairy products, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, and certain types of cheese are the most popular foods.

The pre-workout meal should be eaten approximately 60 minutes before the planned physical activity. This time may not be enough for optimal digestion of the food, causing the meal to remain in the stomach. The feeling of flooding will reduce the effectiveness of the session.

This is why protein supplements, which allow you to provide protein quickly and comfortably before a workout, would be a good solution. Olimp Sport Nutrition products are prepared from raw materials that have been tested for purity, and the proteins they contain come from high-quality whey, among other things. It is one of the most popular sources of protein, due to its good tolerance to the digestive circuit and the rapid release of the nutrients and amino acids present.

How do you use protein before exercise?

Choosing a protein supplement as your pre-workout protein source is great for preparing a healthy meal. Products such as 100% Whey Protein Complex come in the form of an easily soluble powder which, after dissolving in water or milk, makes it possible to prepare a very tasty cocktail with the perfect amount of whey protein concentrate and isolate (WPC & WPI). The low content of sugar and fat in the composition does not affect the juicy flavors of this nutrient, which was prepared according to pharmaceutical standards.

The Olimp Sport Nutrition protein cocktail can be enriched with carbohydrates (such as your favorite fruit) and healthy fats (such as seeds or cream of peanuts), which will provide the energy needed for training and reduce the risk of early hunger.


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