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Pre-workout coffee - is it worth it?

 Pre-workout coffee - is it worth it?

Lack of energy or feeling constantly tired are very common causes of poor exercise results. What are the effective ways to provide the body with optimal conditions for working at a high capacity? Is coffee before a workout a good idea?

Is using coffee before a workout really effective?

Coffee is above all a rich source of caffeine - an active substance with valuable stimulating properties. Coffee is especially recommended in case of increased psychophysical fatigue, which can be caused, among other things, by intense physical activity. This is why caffeine is a very popular addition to recommended pre-workout supplements. It activates the nervous system and helps increase energy and maintain focus and attention.

The caffeine in coffee can be helpful in losing weight and fighting excess fat buildup. why ? Nutritionists and nutritional supplements suggest that caffeine can help reduce excessive appetite and increase metabolic rate. Cette dernière propriété est particulièrement importante car, combinée à certains ingrédients ayant un effet thermogénique (par ex,

 l'extrait de poivre noir ou l'extrait de cayenne), elle peut entraîner une augmentation le tour de la production quiment sweating. This is why caffeine is a frequent component of nutritional supplements known as fat burners, the use of which prior to training can be invaluable in shaping a lean body.

However, it must be remembered that the use of coffee before training can have a negative effect on the body. Especially in the context of the digestive system. Drinking coffee too soon before a specific physical activity can cause a number of symptoms, such as heartburn,

 abdominal pain and a feeling of heaviness. Hence, it is difficult to expect training performance at full speed. This is why people with sensitive guts should choose other sources of caffeine such as green tea, guarana or yerba mate.

Coffee and Supplements Before Workout

For many people, coffee before a workout can't be taken because of its distinct taste. Instead of fighting yourself, it is better to look for an effective alternative that will allow you to benefit from the beneficial effects of caffeine without any hindrance. An example of this is a

 supplement from Olymp Sport Nutrition. Caffeine Kick comes in convenient capsules with an optimally selected portion of pure caffeine. The product allows for easy complementation and precise definition of parts according to individual needs, helping to avoid the risks of overstimulation of the nervous system.

KofAktin from Olymp Labs is an equally interesting option. It is a product available in an innovative form of sachets in sticks, which contains not only caffeine but also valuable vitamin B6 (helps maintain proper energy metabolism and reduce feelings of fatigue). VitaShure® micro-encapsulated caffeine guarantees an exceptionally potent effect and maintains the induced stimulating effect for a long time!


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