Physical activity on cold days? Recommend it!

 Physical activity on cold days? Recommend it!

Early sunsets and low temperatures are not suitable for outdoor sports. However, it is worth gathering strength and getting outside for some fresh air. Not to mention the training. Physical activity in cold weather has many benefits for the body! We recommend

To right!

Cold weather physical activity: immune support

Exercising in rainy weather or with icy air appears to be a major immunity risk. In fact, low temperature enhances the strengthening of the body, and therefore can significantly affect the development of the proper functioning of the immune system. This, in turn, forms a natural barrier against dangerous and pathogenic microorganisms, which can cause various infections or colds.

Physical activity on cold days: improving performance

Another benefit of physical activity in cold weather is the real improvement in performance. A temperature close to zero or its negative values ​​\u200b\u200bpromotes a more intensive work of the metabolism, which at the same time increases the work of the cardiovascular system. Increased blood flow to tissues allows essential nutrients to be transported more efficiently.

Cold weather physical activity: respiratory support

Exercising on fall and winter days helps loosen excess secretions (eg in the lungs and sinuses), which can lead to increased air supply and better oxygenation of fabrics. In addition, physical activity in cold weather is an excellent solution for allergy sufferers - the air is cleaner and free of various microorganisms.

What is the best physical activity to do in cold weather?

The selected sport must be adapted to individual preferences. Above all, physical activity in cold weather should provide real satiation and not create a sense of obligation in the person exercising. Above all, it should be a form of active recreation, which also brings health benefits! The most common outdoor sports in winter are:

  • Management,
  • Bike riding,
  • strength training,
  • gymnastics exercises and street training,
  • Football on artificial pitches
  • Physical activity on cold days and daily diet

It is difficult to talk about the effects without a proper and varied diet. That is why physical activity in cold weather must be supplemented with a complex of essential active ingredients. For this purpose, it is worth getting the Immuno Xplode powder supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition. This product allows you to enrich your daily diet with high-

quality zinc, vitamins C and D, amino acids and standardized plant extracts. The product was developed in the state-of-the-art research and development center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories using advanced technology that confirms its effectiveness, high quality and safety.

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