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Physical activity for women preparing for pregnancy - what do you want to know?

 Physical activity for women preparing for pregnancy - what do you want to know?

Healthy physical exercise. Regular physical activity brings a number of benefits to the body. It plays a very important role, for example, in the case when women are ready for pregnancy. What should mothers who want to have a baby focus on?

Physical activity for women preparing for pregnancy - why is it important?

It is undeniable that regular physical exertion is one of the primary means of maintaining optimal health and proper body weight. Physical exercise also affects the mental sphere: it is often the best solution to constant stress or sleep problems caused by overwork, among other things. The physical condition, which is gradually improved through proper exercises, is also positively affected.

For women preparing for pregnancy, physical activity allows the body to properly adapt to the changes resulting from the expectations of childbirth. The developing fetus begins to increase in size over time, which is reflected in the anatomical and functional conditions of the future mother. A "growing" stomach and a number of other changes associated with pregnancy can affect the body, for example,

By causing weakness and stretching of the abdominal muscles

By reducing the strength and stamina of deep muscles (weakening the heart)

Increased tension and pain in the spine (especially in LS sections)

By shifting the center of gravity, thus causing posture disorders

By causing a decline in physical condition, especially with regard to respiratory function

By causing various circulatory disorders (eg high blood pressure or varicose veins)

Contribute to an increased tendency to swelling (especially in the lower extremities)

Physical activity for women preparing for pregnancy and daily diet

Women preparing for pregnancy should ensure regular physical activity. Exercise will help to cope with these consequences, and proper preparation before pregnancy will allow the expectant mother to return to her full shape and former shape faster. However, exercise is not the only important component of a young mother.

We must not forget the important role of a healthy and varied diet. That is why the daily diet should be enriched with Vita-Min plus Mama from Olimp Labs. Are capsules containing a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals (in the highly absorbable form of Albion® chelated amino acids), which are supplemented with a standardized extract of

 cranberry. The product is intended for women trying to conceive during pregnancy and lactation. The product received a positive opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child, which confirms the high level of quality of the pharmaceutical company that follows safety rules in connection with the production of dietary supplements.


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