Outdoor Cardio - What do you want to know about it?

Outdoor Cardio - What do you want to know about it?

Outdoor exercises are ideal for those who prefer not to sit indoors and want to enjoy the good weather. What should outdoor cardio training look like? What are the benefits of outdoor cardio over regular training at the gym or health club?

Exercising outdoors as part of a cardio workout - what to choose?

The primary criterion for choosing a physical activity in the context of outdoor cardio is above all your preferences and your current fitness level. What some people find interesting may be very difficult for others. Do not forget that sport is above all fun and a form of

 entertainment! Exercising in the fresh air should properly occupy the body, but also have a beneficial effect on our mood. It's hard to predict results from an exercise that turns out to be a source of frustration for the exerciser.

What should an outdoor cardio workout look like? In general, it can take any form! Of course, there are more or less effective ways to exercise outside the home. However, the following list of activities should suffice and everyone can find something for themselves:

  • trot
  • Walking
  • escalation
  • Ski
  • Cycling
  • jump rope
  • Skiing or skating
  • Swimming in the open water
  • Cardio exercises outdoors - the benefits

While it may seem that cardio training outdoors is no different than working out in a gym or health club, in reality the opposite is true. Trainers point out that outdoor physical activity provides many additional benefits that are difficult to achieve through exercise. One of the

 most important, of course, is access to fresh air. Thanks to this, those who train in the fresh air can count on a much faster improvement in their physical condition, which will translate into more efficient work of the respiratory and circulatory systems.


Additionally, external cardio exercises support:

Improvement in skin condition

Improving motor coordination

Increase resistance to fatigue

Burn fat and lose weight

How do you prepare for cardio exercises outdoors?

It is recommended to spend several minutes warming up before starting the exercise. External cardio exercises, just like those performed in the gym, require proper preparation of the musculoskeletal system, which reduces the risk of injury. Once the activity is over, it is essential to cool down the body, regulate breathing and take some time to stretch.

And don't forget that clothing plays an important role when it comes to outdoor training! Training clothing should ensure maximum freedom of movement, facilitate skin breathing and not cause excessive sweating. Olimp Live and Fight brand sportswear is created from the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, the products guarantee the optimal level of stretching and comfort needed during exercise, without the body being irritated. 

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