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Nutrition: The Number One Mistake Scientists Don't (Especially) Make

Nutrition: The Number One Mistake Scientists Don't (Especially) Make 

No one is perfect and error is human. The good news is that you're not the only one making this dietary mistake. Let's analyze together the main deficiencies in your diet and together see solutions to avoid them in the future.

First of all, this article is not necessarily about losing weight, but about healthy eating habits to adopt for a energized body. For this, our daily vitamins can accompany you day in and day out.

Worst Nutrition Mistake: Bad Eating Habits

We do certain things consciously, knowing that they are not really healthy. During a big family celebration like Christmas, everyone definitely eats too much and badly. It doesn't matter either, because

 the "wrong" here is intentional and the fun (as long as it's moderate) is also part of a healthy diet. But there are other eating habits that we adopt without much thought. Or they are so ingrained in our routine that it is difficult to get rid of them. The problem with these dietary

 mistakes is that you make them over and over again, constantly consuming too much sugar, bad fats, or calories. Healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and similar products remain on the sidelines. In the long run, it harms your body. Such a diet can lead to weight gain, negatively affect blood levels, or rob you of energy. In short, your overall health may be at risk.

Here we outline some classic habits that affect many of us. Rethinking your unhealthy habits and increasing your awareness of them in the future is worth it.

Mechanisms of consolation and reward

From childhood we learn these food mistakes. Sweets and foods are generally used as a convenience, but also as a reward. Perhaps one of these childhood cases will sound familiar to you: You passed your

 first swimming certificate in a municipal pool. As a bonus, she eats french fries from the snack bar. You've had a small fall from your bike. In addition to cold compresses, you are given lemonade to calm you down.

When we grow up, we don't give up these habits so easily. For some, it tends to condense. The best example of this is beer after work. Drinking beer as a reward after a hard day's work is a semi-unconscious habit for many people: in the long run, it is detrimental to health.

The taste of sugar and salt is also usual

It's no secret that excess sugar and salt are not very healthy. But did you know that we are used to sweet and salty? In other words, half a teaspoon of sugar in coffee loses its sweetness at some point. And so, little by little, the quantity increases. This is why the amount of

 sugar and salt we consume is a matter of habit. In essence, the food industry loves to use both because they are cheap and taste great. Anyone who eats a lot of ready-made meals gets used to the excessive sweetness and high salt content.

Perception also becomes routine

It doesn't matter if your breakfast is big or not, you're hungry at 12 at lunch, right? But are you really hungry or is it just a habit and your appetite? In fact, it is not a bad thing to have regular meals, as it helps you avoid food cravings. But if you're eating out of habit, you

 may not even notice when you're full and when you feel hungry. The habit of finishing your plate can result in you consuming up to 30% of your calories if you eat from a large plate. In a study conducted by

 Cornell University in New York, researchers found that plate size affects the amount of food we eat. This clearly shows that we don't particularly care when we eat. But can we learn to become one of the solutions? Feed on intuition.

Here's how to improve

This list of bad eating habits is far from exhaustive. But instead of continuing to focus on errors, let's focus instead on solutions. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”, changing habits is not easy, but it is possible. This does not happen overnight, it takes time and persistence. With these tips, you will succeed in avoiding the worst eating mistake:

Mindfulness: By doing simple exercises, you will gradually be able to better perceive your environment, and also perceive feelings such as hunger.

Make something new out of the old: The best way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with healthy ones. Example: Many daily recipes are high in fat or contain few vegetables. Try new healthy

 recipes. Try foods you don't know yet and convince yourself of the delicious flavors. This is how you will be able to gradually replace unhealthy dishes with healthy recipes. Once healthy behavior becomes a routine, it becomes very easy. Click here to learn more about The Path to Healthy Habits.

Step by step: Don't change everything at once, but take small steps and boost your progress. It takes some time and patience. If we could change our behavior quickly and easily, this dietary mistake wouldn't be the worst.

Bonus question: Ask yourself why you do things the way you do. This makes it easier for you to spot bad habits. But you can also ask your friends if they can monitor your eating habits and give you

 feedback. Because there are some errors that you will not see yourself but they are obvious to others. Warning: Do not indulge in the following popular diet on this occasion.

You decide who affects you: We have developed many habits since our childhood. But even as adults, we adopt unhealthy ways of eating. In this matter, we are often influenced by others. But decide for yourself who affects you. For example, if you live with

 roommates who care about their health, it will also be easier for you to break unhealthy habits. You also exert an influence on your partner, friends, and family. It is up to you to decide how much you influence those around you.

Conclusion on the worst nutritional mistake

Routines and habits are a curse and a blessing. We don't even consciously notice unhealthy behaviors and have a hard time getting rid of them. It's a real big hurdle in the way of healthy eating. But

 with time and patience, you can change it. If you succeed, you will have overcome your biggest nutritional mistake and it will be easier and easier for you to follow a healthy diet.


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