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No struts - operating mechanism.

 No struts - operating mechanism.

Supplements belonging to the group of NO boosters are used by a large percentage of bodybuilders, endurance and silhouette athletes as well as by amateurs. How does it work and why is it used?

Supplements referred to as NO boosters are products whose function is to increase the production of nitrogen oxide, and to improve the transport of oxygen and nutrient compounds in the body.

Thus, oxygenated muscles are able to produce more effort and regenerate more quickly after training. No enhancers are known as vasodilators, that is, they increase the sections of blood vessels when smooth muscle relaxes. It gives this feeling of a "pump" that promotes good oxygenation of the muscles during training. This also leads to other positive effects for developing strength and muscle mass.

The primary ingredient for most boosters is L-arginine. Its main function is to produce nitrogen oxide (its role was described above), work on the formation of new cells in the muscles and act prophylactically against the appearance of diseases of the circulatory system. The second most common ingredient in enhancers is citrulline, which, similar to arginine, is responsible for the synthesis of nitrogen oxide, and also improves metabolism and speeds up the process of tissue regeneration.

Arginine is a precursor to nitrogen oxide. After the formation of this molecule, it turns into citrulline. The latter creates arginine, ready to produce nitrogen oxide again. This is why these two amino acids are the primary components of sports supplements used in the absence of boosters.

After taking the supplement, arginine (possibly citrulline) enters through the digestive system into the bloodstream system. The endothelial cells of blood vessels are located in special cavities in the cell membrane called the caveolae. It is precisely in these cavities that arginine accumulates as well as special transport proteins that transport arginine to endothelial cells of vessels.

Next, acetylcholine must act in combination with its receptors in the cell membrane. The signal from the excitatory receptor activates a special enzyme - nitric oxide synthase (NOS) - which catalyzes the production of nitrogen oxide from arginine. Nitrogen oxide produced in this way penetrates into the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels - it relaxes and causes a vasodilating effect.


Effects of lack of reinforcement

The effect implemented by supplements of this type is essentially an increase in training capacity and an acceleration of post-training regeneration processes through the use of the “muscle pump” effect.

Enhancers are not completely legal and safe substances, but it is important to know the proper dosages and make sure that they do not contain any substances that are dangerous to our organism.


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