New year - new challenges for training and nutrition

 New year - new challenges for training and nutrition

According to the popular saying "New year, I'm new", a New Year's resolution is the perfect opportunity to make changes in daily life and get rid of unhealthy habits. What new challenges in training and nutrition can be expected in 2021 to ensure beneficial effects for the body?

New Year's Food Workout & Challenges: Gym Morning & Breakfast

Although the morning is not the most pleasant time, it certainly affects our mood and strengths later in the day. Many people like to sleep and sleep until the last minute, which increases the risk of oversleeping. It is not hard to guess that the violent awakening and rush of the early hours of the morning are not your allies. Often times, people start their day without eating a solid breakfast, which greatly increases the risk of obesity.


Therefore, after waking up, it is worth allocating at least 10 minutes for morning gymnastics. Thanks to this, your body will gain the energy to work, and an awake metabolism will increase your appetite and somehow force you to prepare a light breakfast -

 all you need is a fruit (for example, one banana), a handful of nuts, a little milk or a vegetable drink and a portion of The delicious 100% Olimp Whey Protein Complex for a super delicious and nutritious cocktail. After this morning, there is no reason not to motivate or not to train early.

New Year's Nutritional Training and Challenges: An Adequate Level of Hydration

Enough has been said about the role of water in the daily diet. It helps maintain a proper metabolic rate, provides essential minerals, helps cleanse the body of unnecessary secondary metabolites, reduces appetite and facilitates proper body weight control. Food

 and nutrition experts continue to recommend the correct level of hydration. Adults should consume at least 2 liters of fluid during the day. So perhaps it is worth considering, as the New Year approaches, drinking a glass of water with every meal and during the day?

New Year's Food Workout and Challenges: Warm-up and Stretching

For many people, reps are just a few of the specific exercises that need to be done on a certain number of sets and reps. Many people still forget that preparation and the end of training are equally important components in the process of shaping the body and improving

 the physical condition. Skipping warm-up and stretching after exercise can increase the risk of injury, promote poor regeneration and feel long-lasting muscle pain, as well as decreased range of motion or insufficient muscle strength and endurance.

New Year's Workout and Eating Challenges: Get the Best Sleep

Without enough sleep, it's hard to talk about the effects. After a whole day of exhausting work and training, the body needs at least 6 hours of complete relaxation, which will allow

 to rejuvenate exhausted muscles and an overworked nervous system. No sleep nights will certainly not help you improve your fitness, but rather increase your chances of gaining weight and not having enough energy to exercise.

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