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Moisturizing the body in the fall. Why is this so important?

 Moisturizing the body in the fall. Why is this so important?

Although being very thirsty is mainly associated with hot summers and the holidays, the role of water in the rest of the year cannot be underestimated. Hydration of the body in the fall is equally important for the proper functioning of the metabolism. What do you want to know about this? What are the effective ways to maintain an optimal level of fluid in the body?

Fall body hydration - a solid part of precious minerals

Consuming large amounts of fresh fruit is an essential way to provide the body with many valuable minerals. Unfortunately, the autumn / winter period deprives the body of this possibility, and limited access to seasonal fruits can increase the risk of deficiency. Therefore, hydrating the body in the fall is one of the key elements to avoid deficiencies! Mineral water is a rich source of valuable elements such as:

Calcium - promotes good condition of bones and teeth, regulates proper functioning of muscles, and promotes proper functioning of digestive enzymes

Magnesium - has a positive effect on the work of the nervous system, enhances energy metabolism, eliminates the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and promotes good protein synthesis

Potassium - helps regulate blood pressure

Sodium and chlorine - promote optimal acid-base balance

In addition, mineral water can be enriched with a number of other components, such as sulfate or iodine.

Moisturizing the body in the fall - healthy skin

Certainly, low temperatures and cold air are not favorable for the organism. Bad weather conditions often deteriorate the condition of the skin, which leads to a decrease in its cohesion, a deterioration in its hydration and a much greater tendency to lesions (for example, ugly cracks, which can increase the risk of infection and infection ). Fall body

 hydration is of great value to the skin, especially in the context of maintaining its elasticity and firmness. In addition, water facilitates the elimination of secondary metabolites and accumulated toxins that can promote, among other things, the progressive aging process.

Moisturizing the body in the fall - support the nervous system

When it comes to autumn hydration, the nervous system cannot be forgotten. Concentration problems or obvious difficulties with logical thinking can result from insufficient fluid intake, which is simultaneously associated with a deficiency of the minerals (particularly magnesium) mentioned above.

Moisturizing the body in the fall - water suppresses the appetite

Autumn-winter period and cold weather have a great effect on appetite. The work of the digestive system leads to an increase in body temperature, which in some way is one of the means available to the body to retain the necessary heat. On the other hand, it is undeniable

 that excess calories in the diet promote body weight gain and the accumulation of adipose tissue. Therefore, proper hydration of the body in the fall and regular intake of water will stop hunger, and also facilitate proper weight control.


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