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Medical ball home training. What is this phenomenon?

 Medical ball home training. What is this phenomenon?

The popular gym machine and some physical education students' nightmare can be a great way to make home workouts more varied. Ball exercises turn out to be an interesting solution to the existing plan routine. Try a workout at home with a medicine ball to take care of your figure!

Benefits of training at home with a medical ball

You might think that having a medicine ball at home would be related to the difficulty of finding a place to store it. From a practical point of view, it is not at all necessary to buy heavy equipment - it is better to choose light balls, which will allow us to perform a greater number of exercises. Let's not forget that training at home with a medicine ball is about covering all parts of the muscles and we have to do it the right way.

Another benefit of home training with a medicine ball is its overall effect on the body. Exercises that use ball bearing develop muscle strength and endurance, while affecting a sense of depth and core stability. A variety of home exercises, thanks to the medicine ball, will work well when losing weight, and the dynamics of the exercises will have a positive effect on reducing fatty tissue and fighting extra pounds.

Examples of home training exercises with a medicine ball

We must decide for ourselves whether home training with a medicine ball is beneficial. Based on this, we can choose the appropriate exercises that will allow us to achieve the desired goals. The training plan should not lack activities such as:

  • Waist rotation (from side to side)
  • Medical ball push-up exercise on your back
  • Put the medicine ball over your head
  • Medical ball push-up
  • Throwing a medicine ball against the wall while doing stomach exercises
  • Lunge with the medicine ball raised above the head
  • Squatting with the medicine ball fixed in front of the body


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