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Magnesium overdose - symptoms and consequences

 Magnesium overdose - symptoms and consequences

You've probably heard many times about how dangerous deficiencies of all kinds in your daily diet can be to your health. An unbalanced diet can be the cause of insufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Is overdose a common problem? Find out, what are the symptoms and results of a high level of magnesium in the body?

How do you recognize the symptoms of a magnesium overdose?

A condition where the body accumulates excess magnesium is called hypermagnesemia. It is a professional term referring to a case of overdose, the causes of which can actually be multiple. One of the most common reasons is the abnormal functioning of the kidneys, which often makes it difficult to maintain an optimal concentration of this element in the

 body. Impaired kidney function is caused by a variety of conditions, from hormonal disorders (such as the thyroid gland and adrenal cortex), through the gradual process of aging to cancerous tumors. In addition, symptoms of excess magnesium in the diet may appear during treatment of mental illness

Symptoms indicating an overdose of magnesium depend on the content of the element accumulated in the body. The mild form of hypermagnesemia is not dangerous. In most cases, it causes dizziness, nausea, general weakness and uncomfortable constipation. The

 situation becomes more serious with magnesium poisoning in large quantities. In this case, hypermagnesemia can cause cardiopulmonary symptoms, such as severe chest pain, irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, blood clotting problems (such as those following a low calcium level) or breathing difficulties.

Are the consequences of an overdose of magnesium dangerous to health or life?

In extreme cases, during the constant use of large amounts of magnesium, the consequences of an overdose can be really dangerous for health. According to specialists, there is a risk of falling into a coma or suffering serious heart damage. However, these cases are rare and are usually the result of improper use of medications or nutritional supplements that have a high content of this element. Therefore, when deciding to use them, we must check with certainty that the daily diet is not really enough to cover our daily needs.

How to avoid an overdose of magnesium?

First, you should pay attention to the current diet plan and the products consumed. There are many natural sources that provide the daily magnesium requirement. On the other hand, it must be remembered that the organism is not able to fully assimilate the total content. Only a portion is absorbed during digestion and therefore it is necessary to resort to nutritional supplements.

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