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Long road trip - how do you prepare for it?

 Long road trip - how do you prepare for it?

Motion sickness is a serious problem for many people. That is why, before a long car trip, it is good to pay attention to some important points that will help to cope with negative symptoms. How do you prepare before the trip? What should you keep in mind before the trip?

Long road trip: snack

A common cause of nausea and symptoms of motion sickness is overeating. Fatty foods cause an oppressive feeling of fullness in the stomach, which, due to the long car trip, can aggravate some symptoms, such as abdominal pain and a tendency to vomit. What meal can you prepare before the flight?

  • Creamy vegetable soup with lentils and toasted bread.
  • Sandwiches with chickpeas, cooked chicken breast and lettuce.
  • Steamed vegetables with whole wheat pasta, olive oil and light mozzarella cheese.
  • Fried dishes, red meat and dairy products in the form of milk or yoghurt with additives should be avoided. It is also advisable to limit the consumption of fruits - their sweet taste can provoke the appearance of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Long car trips: Ensures optimum hydration

On a long road trip, there is no such thing as fresh water that is still mineral. Regular hydration, especially in hot weather, helps quench your thirst and eliminate the embarrassing feeling of dry mouth. In addition, drinking water will help you maintain an optimal metabolic rate and maintain efficient digestion processes. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks as well as products with stimulant properties such as coffee or energy drinks.

Long road trips: choose comfortable and casual clothes

When traveling by car, it is important to ensure optimum comfort. Elastic, stretchy clothing that doesn't restrict your movement or put too much pressure on your body is best for a long trip. If possible, instead of skinny jeans with a belt, it is better to choose comfortable sweatpants - and replace the elegant shirt with a flowing one. This will prevent the body from overheating, and reduce the risk of motion sickness symptoms.

Long car trips: Limit reading and phone use

Motion sickness is often a combination of digestive problems and feeling tired. On a long car trip, passengers choose to read newspapers, surf the Internet or play games on their smartphones, all of which increase the potential for an increased load on the nervous system and eyesight. This type of entertainment often causes headaches and dizziness, which leads

 to nausea and a tendency to vomit. In the event that there is such a possibility, it is better to choose sleep. Therefore, passengers must provide special pillows that relieve pressure on the part of the spine located at the level of the neck during the flight.


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