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Joint injuries - how do we avoid them?

 Joint injuries - how do we avoid them?

If sport is good for your health, it unfortunately carries the risk of various injuries. Intense training, contact sports, unbalanced diet, and poor exercise technique often lead to joint injuries. We suggest how to avoid it?

Joint injuries - how do we avoid them? Don't overdo it

Stronger does not necessarily mean better. Many followers of an active lifestyle don't realize that one of the most common causes of joint injuries is fatigue. So common sense should be exercised, since such injuries can lead to a fairly permanent exclusion from training. Measure your strength against your intentions! To avoid joint injuries, it is enough to reduce the intensity of the exercises performed, put less weight on the crossbar or run less than two kilometers.

Joint injuries - how do we avoid them? Don't forget to warm up!

Failure to warm up before training can cause joint injury. Muscles and joints that are not warmed up are more susceptible to damage, which can occur even at low intensity. Also, failure to warm up often results in an incomplete range of motion, which increases the risk

 of overloading. Therefore, to answer the question of how to avoid joint injuries, we suggest dedicating a few minutes to conditioning the body, including individual elements of the musculoskeletal system (including joint capsules, ligaments and tendons) and muscles, for more intense work. . A properly equipped body will better adapt to the increased level of fatigue.

Joint injuries - how do we avoid them? Take care of your diet!

A healthy, balanced diet helps maintain a healthy body weight. This is important because the extra weight can put extra pressure on our joints. Therefore, reducing excess weight is a way to avoid injuries, especially joint injuries.

However, the diet is not only for losing weight and fighting extra pounds. Whole meals are a source of many valuable ingredients that help maintain the health and strength of the musculoskeletal system. Protein (particularly collagen protein), vitamins C, D and K,

 magnesium and calcium are responsible for maintaining healthy bones and proper muscle function. Also, do not forget to supplement with preparations containing many components, which are attributed to beneficial properties aimed at protecting joints (for example, glucosamine, MSM, frankincense extract and boswellic acid, chondroitin or hyaluronic acid).

The above components can be supplemented with Olimp Flex Xplode. It is a multi-ingredient formulation from Olimp Sport Nutrition in the form of an easily soluble powder. The product, which can be successfully used by both amateurs and professionals, was prepared in the modern laboratories of the Olimp laboratories, which guarantee the pharmaceutical standard and the necessary level of safety.


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