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Isolated and Concentrated Protein - What's the difference? Which one do you choose? Dispels doubts!

 Isolated and Concentrated Protein - What's the difference? Which one do you choose? Dispels doubts!

The sheer number of protein supplements in the sports supplement market can cause athletes a real embarrassment. Popular whey is available in various forms, but isolates and concentrates are the most popular choice among physically active people. How do they differ? What choice do you have to make to achieve your goal?

WPC Isolated and Concentrated - How are they different? Which one do you choose?

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is one of the most commonly purchased forms of whey protein. Concentrates are obtained by micro or ultrafiltration processes, which makes it possible to obtain from 60 to 80% of complete proteins in 100 grams of the product. CPS-based protein conditioners have a long absorption time. In addition, they contain sugar and

 fat - although in limited quantities, they are unlikely to be effective for people who follow restrictive diets to lose weight and pay attention to every calorie intake. It should also be noted that WPC nutrients have a mild and complete taste and beneficial solubility.

Powerline Isolated vs Focus - What's the difference? Which one do you choose?

Nutrient CPL Isolate is made from whey protein, which has been obtained through a more intense filtration process than concentrate. The protein in these products has a much better aminogram than CPL type preparations. In addition, CPL protein has a higher content than the protein itself - high-quality nutrients reach a level equal to 90% in 100 grams of the

 product! Whey isolates, unlike concentrates, are much better absorbed, which makes them more quickly absorbed. In addition, its formula contains much less sugar and fat than CPL supplements, which makes it possible to use it also when regulating body weight. but,

Isolate or concentrate protein - what's the difference? Which one do you choose? Recommended Products

In search of a valuable protein supplement, it is better to look at the offer of the brand Olimp Sport Nutrition, which for nearly 30 years has been producing nutritional supplements and preparations for physically active people. The pharmaceutical company standard is the result of a highly professional approach to production, the best examples of this

  • modern laboratory facilities,
  • Experienced R&D team,
  • High quality raw materials, microbiologically tested,
  • Comprehensive logistics facilities and innovative production technology.

Those looking to purchase a concentrate can opt for a 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate product, which will allow you to supplement your daily diet with as much clean, tasteless WPC whey as possible. Pure Whey Isolate 95, which has a very delicate taste and minimal content of additives in the form of sugar or fat, will turn out to be a good

 solution. Also worth noting is one of the premium products, 100% Whey Protein Complex - a unique blend of whey in concentrate and isolate form, and the large number of flavors available will enrich the taste of daily meals and diversify the diet with complete proteins every day.


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