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Is triathlon for everyone? / TRAINING

 Is triathlon for everyone? / TRAINING

Sport has many faces. Nevertheless, whatever type of discipline is practiced, it requires proper preparation, determination and passion to achieve the dreamed goal. Triathlon certainly belongs to the group of sports disciplines with an exceptional level of difficulty. Is this sport for everyone? What should you know about it before you start training?

## Triathlon - essential information for all interested

Triathlon is undoubtedly a very particular endurance sports discipline that consists of combining three physical activities - swimming, cycling and running - which are practiced over different distances. Depending on the difficulty of the competition, there are different types of triathlon:

- the Olympic triathlon

- half Ironman (Ironman 70.3)

Also, for the real enthusiasts, there are even more powerful challenges, like double or triple Ironman.

## Is triathlon suitable for everyone?

Triathlon is an extremely demanding sport. It is therefore difficult to expect that a "couch potato" loving to watch football on television could enter an amateur triathlon competition without adequate preparation. Even people who play sports, but without any prior contact

with this type of physical activity, have to devote several months to training. It is extremely important to properly prepare the body for several hours of effort of varying nature and at a constantly increasing level of difficulty.

The triathlon is not for everyone! First of all, people with more or less serious injuries, traumas or limitations of the organs of locomotion should think carefully before joining the workouts. The preparation phase for the competition is as intensive as the race itself, and it

 requires very good body functionality. This is why an early consultation with a physiotherapist is advised. Thus, the potential athlete will know his own weaknesses and will be able to focus on the weak links to eliminate in priority.

Don't forget that triathlon is also a solid mental challenge. Long distances, a growing sense of fatigue, constant competition with others and the desire to win can be overwhelming. High levels of stress can be debilitating to the body. This confirms the fact that this sport is

 not for everyone. However, professional coaching will certainly include the right mental preparation! After all, it's the instructor's job to make sure that you're not only working on your fitness properly, but that you have a solid motivation to do extremely hard work.

Those experienced in triathlon and those new to this discipline should remember that diet and training require proper support. This is why the **Olimp Sport Nutrition** brand is an ideal choice for all followers of the sports lifestyle. The offer includes many valuable preparations that can come in handy to achieve the desired goal. Each product guarantees effective action and a pharmaceutical standard, which confirms the indisputable quality of the pharmaceutical company **Olimp Laboratories**.


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