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Is trampoline jumping healthy and safe?

 Is trampoline jumping healthy and safe?

Jumping on a trampoline is fun for both kids and adults. However, there are often opinions about the safety and benefits of this type of activity, which can raise doubts. Is trampoline jumping healthy and safe?

Is trampoline jumping healthy and safe: Warming up is necessary

You might think that jumping on a trampoline doesn't require good preparation, but it's actually another thing entirely! Before you start playing, you should take a few minutes to warm up and adapt your body to future physical activity. The warm-up process should include:

  • squat
  • Torso curves as it deepens
  • Set up and go ahead
  • Swinging arms and legs
  • Rotational movements of the joints
  • Slow running or elliptical training

Is jumping trampoline healthy and safe: contraindications

Anyone can jump on a trampoline, provided that the current state of the movement system is good. The presence of minor or major deficiencies in the body can make the use of a trampoline largely impossible, which is directly related to functional limitations. The main contraindications are:

  • Clinically Proven Disc Disease
  • Osteoporosis or poor bone condition
  • Osteoporosis Diagnosis

More or less serious injuries to the extremities or spine

Apart from the contraindications strictly related to the musculoskeletal system, you should know that jumping on a trampoline is not recommended for people with respiratory problems. Therefore, asthma or severely limited lung capacity can limit the ability to use a trampoline.

Is trampoline jumping healthy and safe: the benefits

It is hard to deny that jumping on a trampoline has a valuable health effect. Performing dynamic jumps for several tens of minutes, children and adults train their lower limbs and abdominal muscles very intensively. Jumping fitness, since this is how movement activities

 are defined with a trampoline, is also a great way to build core stability (known as a CORE). Training the postural muscles has the beneficial effect of, among other things, relieving pain in the spine and improving the "feeling of one's own body". (This is called proprioception).

We must not forget that the dynamic nature of jumping on a trampoline has the effect of eliminating unwanted body fat. Regular training allows you to burn large amounts of calories, helping you lose weight and shape your body. Therefore, it is useful to support your workouts with professional fat burners. Olimp Sport Nutrition Fat Burners, such as

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