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Is quick training useful and what are the expected results?

 Is quick training useful and what are the expected results?

Although breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, more and more people are choosing to train on an empty stomach. Is it worth starting to exercise without a perfect energy base? Who can and who should not decide?

Is it worth training on an empty stomach while bodybuilding?

Training aimed at stimulating the amplification process is closely related to the use of a high load. In addition, to build muscle mass, it will be necessary to follow a balanced diet with well-chosen extra calories. After waking up and "night fasting" the level of cortisol in the body rises. One can easily guess that an increase in the "stress hormone" does not mean a good thing.

The energy produced in the body upon awakening comes from catabolic processes, that is, from the breakdown of muscle tissue. The insufficient glycogen content causes our metabolism to first try to get the necessary strength from muscle rather than from accumulated fat. Muscle training on an empty stomach will intensify this process, which the athlete does not want. Is it worth training for muscle mass on an empty stomach? of course no !

You need to provide your body with strong muscle tissue protection before exercise. For this purpose, you can use, for example, a whey protein cocktail with a small addition of carbohydrates. For example, one serving of Olimp Sport Nutrition 100% Whey Protein

 Complex with a small portion of fruit, as a form of light breakfast, should provide proper results and protect muscle from breakdown. Among the products of this brand, an exogenous amino acid complex, such as Amino EAA Xplode, will prove to be an equally good solution.

Is it worth training on an empty stomach during body fat loss phase?

The situation is radically different when the goal is to get rid of fat deposits and develop a slim figure. If you start training on an empty stomach, you will be using this fatty tissue as a source of energy for your muscles. When you wake up, your insulin level is very low. Unlike glucagon secreted by the pancreas, which causes the secretion of sugar into the blood and affects the processes of oxidation of fats accumulated in the body, a common "burning" process.

Is it worth training without breakfast? If the goal is to get rid of unnecessary fat, then sure. However, it is worth remembering that the day before (preferably in the evening) we must provide the body with the optimal portion of carbohydrates. This will provide the muscles with an adequate energy base, which will remain in the body even for several hours after

 dinner. In turn, shortly before the actual training, the diet must be supplemented with the necessary exogenous amino acids, which will allow to properly protect muscle tissue from the consequences of intense physical activity. For this purpose BCAA Xplode from Olimp Sport Nutrition, which also contains L-glutamine and Vitamin B6 is a good solution.


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