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Is it worth starting to run in the fall?

 Is it worth starting to run in the fall?

Daily jogging is one of the great options to keep fit. Anyone can run anywhere. All you need is a little motivation. Here the problem arises. Especially in the fall, when it's cold, gray and dark outside. Wondering if it's worth starting to run in the fall? Find out the benefits of this type of activity at this time of year.

starting to run in the fall?

Is it worth starting to run in the fall? Yes, because it hardens the body!

Autumn weather is not conducive to a long walk. Cold air, low temperatures, and frequent gusts of wind and rain can be effective deterrents to leaving the house, not to mention exercising outdoors. So it makes sense to wonder if it's worth starting to run in the fall. Yes, because it hardens the body! By running in the fall, we can improve our natural immunity very effectively. In addition, running in the fall is good for:

  1. Improve skin microcirculation
  2. Improve respiratory efficiency
  3. Increase the body's adaptation to cold and bad climatic conditions.

Running and losing weight in the fall

By running, you can easily control your body weight and fight excess weight. We have no doubts about that. Especially since running for a longer period (more than 45 minutes) can achieve an increase in the metabolic rate, even after several hours of activity. This allows us

 to reduce unnecessary layers of adipose tissue. How do I do it? Best results are achieved by running with a low heart rate. It's much easier in the fall because the weather isn't conducive to jogging. Is it worth starting to run in the fall? If you start to lose weight, the answer is definitely "yes" because jogging is one of the many forms of activity,

Running in the fall, improve your mood!

Running training is above all a solid part of the energy, as well as a powerful charge of endorphins - the hormones of happiness. They are especially important in the fall, when the shorter day, limited sunlight, and much less time outdoors can be very overwhelming. Often during the fall and winter, many find it difficult to feel comfortable. Therefore, running can be not only a prescription for the body, but also a mood booster. So it is worth running in the fall!

What should you pay attention to when running in the fall?

The most important point, of course, is immunity. Running in the fall actually strengthens the body, however, it is worth taking care of immunity, and in addition to following a healthy diet, decide on additional supplements. It is fine to take Olimp Immuno Xplode powder. It is a well-thought-out blend of zinc, vitamins C and D, amino acids (cysteine ​​and

 L-glutamine), inulin and plant extracts (elderberry and perylose), selected in perfect proportions. Olimp Sport food supplement will prove useful in the proper functioning of the

 immune system and protection of cells from oxidative stress. The product can be used while running in the fall and during other forms of physical activity. The product has been prepared according to pharmaceutical standards in a state-of-the-art research and development center of Olimp Labs.


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