Is it safe to exercise outdoors in the heat? / exercise

Is it safe to exercise outdoors in the heat? / exercise

Summer is an ideal time for outdoor physical activity. The summer sun and high temperatures encourage people to exercise outdoors and in fitness clubs. Is it safe to train outdoors in the heat? What should you know about training in the heat of summer?

## What are the benefits of training outdoors?

  • - Promotes tanning on sunny days
  • - Improves the cleaning of the respiratory tract
  • - Saves time and money
  • - Improves well-being and gives a feeling of freedom
  • - Strengthens the body's natural immunity against infections and microorganisms.
  • - Makes it easier to break the monotony of training in one place
  • - Promotes cardiorespiratory fitness through access to fresh air.
  • - Sun exposure influences the endogenous synthesis of vitamin D, which is responsible for strengthening bones.

## Training outdoors in the heat - is it safe?

While it's hard to underestimate the benefits of training outdoors, it's a different story when it comes to training in hot weather. High temperatures carry certain risks for the practitioner, which must be taken into account before starting a physical activity. First of all, excessive sunlight can lead to overheating of the body. The consequences of exposure to extremely strong sunlight are not entirely safe for health. There is a high risk of skin burns and, in some cases, the danger of a stroke.

Equally important is the fact that training outdoors in hot weather increases the risk of excessive dehydration. The increased perspiration of the body dictated by high temperatures does not only promote water loss. Heavy sweating is inextricably linked with disruption of electrolyte economy and

 acid-base balance. There is then a high probability of disturbing the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system, energy metabolism and psychological functions, as well as a feeling of increasing fatigue. So is outdoor exercise in the summer safe? Yes, but only if you are properly prepared for it!

## How to do a safe outdoor workout in the heat?

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 promote water absorption, help reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase optimal resistance to effort. Also, the product will provide a solid serving of refreshment and help quench thirst.

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