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Is it possible to target the love handles when you lose weight?

 Is it possible to target the love handles when you lose weight?

For many people, the area around the hips is the area where, for evolutionary reasons, weight gain is the fastest, and where favorite jeans can sometimes pinch. Wondering if and how you can lose weight in the hip area and feel comfortable again in your favorite jeans? We show you how you can get there.

What you need to know: Your body does not burn fat in a targeted manner in certain parts of the body and it does not burn fat evenly. This may seem contradictory but this is how it is. It is also possible that you will be lucky and your body will start shedding fat in the hip area first!

It can also happen that you lose your arms, legs, buttocks, or face first. Basically, the body does what it wants. And if you follow these tips, you will finally be able to lose your love handles and why not get a six-pack.

For success with the right diet!

Food is responsible for 70% of the success of your training. All this is all the more reason to really pay attention to it. For our part, we are not fans of extreme diets: a healthy diet should satisfy you and, above all, make you happy.

1. Calculate your calorie needs

How do you eat to lose the love handles? To get started, you need to know how many calories you need to consume per day to reach your goal. You can easily calculate these needs with our calorie calculator

2. Calculate your daily calorie intake

Once you know your calorie needs and know what your deficit should be to lose weight, it can be helpful to track how many calories you actually consume on a daily basis for a while. There are different applications that relieve you of the burden of calculation and calculation.

3. Adapt the power source

Now that you know your normal intake, you can adjust your diet according to your goal. And without a strict diet. For example, you can reduce portion sizes and replace unhealthy meals with healthy alternatives.

melt with heart

Endurance sports are a popular solution when it comes to shedding those extra pounds. Running, swimming, cycling and other endurance sports put the circulatory system into overdrive. So you will burn a lot of calories.

So, you don't even have to train like a brute or surf with your limits. This is more than enough if you train your endurance at a moderate speed for 30 minutes. Don't you know how fast you run at a moderate speed? So get a heart rate monitor and jog until your pulse is around 120 beats per minute.

Refine thanks to strength sports

Strength sports are also a true miracle fat burning solution. In this specialty, you encourage your muscle growth: thus, your calorie needs increase and you burn more calories in the long run.

The real benefit of strength training is that you don't just lose weight. Yes, you can also develop your muscles thus giving your body more shape. Thus, you shed your extra kilos as you approach your goal in silhouette.

For this, you do not have to go to the gym, you can also work from home and do body weight training. HIIT, Tabata or Circuit exercises activate the post-burn effect and ensure that calories continue to be burned even after training.

Do you feel frustrated or even tired even before training? Try our pre-workout! With a blend of caffeine and essential amino acids, it will give you the boost you need to burn off your bodybuilding session in no time.

6 fat burning exercises

As we said, it is not possible to lose fat in an isolated part of the body. But with the right exercise, you can heat up your entire body's fat burning! Here are 6 effective exercises to burn the maximum calories!

1. Punches in Point

Difficulty: easy

Trains: carry shoulders, arms and legs

Beware: the back is straight, the shoulders are back, the arms are not fully extended, the feet are raised diagonally from the fist

The easy alternative: keep your feet on the ground

The hard alternative: raising the knees to the hips

2. Burpees

Difficulty: hard

Trains: Whole Body Strength and Stamina

Caution: the back remains straight in a lying position, so that the whole body rests on the floor

The easy alternative: doing a burpee without a push-up

Difficult form: when jumping, raise the knees to the chest

3. Military plank

Difficulty: easy

Trains: chest muscles, triceps and shoulders

Warning: Always maintain proper tension in the upper body muscles. Don't arch your back/bend.

The easy alternative: put your knees on the floor

The hard alternative: put your feet up on a chair

4. Front jumping cranes

Difficulty: easy

Trains: Leg Endurance and Coordination

Caution: the movements of the arms and legs are done diagonally

5. Snow

Difficulty: hard

Trains: coordination, relaxation, thighs and calves

Caution: try to land gently after each jump

The easy alternative: wait a moment before jumping in again

The hard alternative: increase the pace

6. Kick forward

Difficulty: I mean

Trains: coordination, calf and thigh muscles

Be careful: the floor should not be slippery to avoid injury

The easy alternative: take the kick without a small jump

Our other helpful tips for losing weight

1. Determine your training level

Whether it's cardio training, strength training or HIIT, the right level of training ensures rapid progression. For this, you have to go to the edge of your limits while training.

To learn more, read our article on overcompensation.

2. Use the recovery stage

You burn fat during training, but muscle builds up during the recovery phase. The more muscle you have, the more effective the fat burner. So instead of overdoing it every day and risking overtraining, give your body a short break on non-training days and don't forget to supply your body with the essential amino acids with the recovery acids.

  • Lose Your Love Handles: The Conclusion
  • Targeted fat loss is not physically possible.
  • The best combination is healthy eating and exercise.
  • Intermittent training activates the post-burn effect and increases calorie consumption even after exercise.
  • Moderate speed endurance exercises are very effective in 
  • burning fat.

  • Strength sports are ideal for muscle growth.
  • More muscle = more energy = more efficient fat burning.
  • Determining a good level of training is critical to seeing optimal progress.
  • Use the recovery phase to be able to give 100% on the next exercise.


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