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Is it OK to lie down with your legs elevated during pregnancy?

 Is it OK to lie down with your legs elevated during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women experience a number of inconveniences from their bodies, which affect their daily functioning. Various abnormalities can make waiting for birth more difficult, which is why many experts recommend, among other things, lying down with your legs elevated. Is this a good thing? How can this situation be beneficial for the future mother?

Lying down with your legs elevated during pregnancy is really helpful

Many pregnant women hear their friends and experts talk about the need to limit physical activity and avoid stress. In addition, the pregnant belly and the huge amount of hormonal changes can motivate expectant mothers to exercise regularly. While these tips are important, in reality, reducing the amount of exercise has a number of negative consequences. why ?

Apart from the usual pain and feeling of joint stiffness, the most common problems are lymphatic and circulatory disorders. It doesn't take long for expectant mothers to start t

reating conditions like varicose veins, blockages, bloating, and swelling. Most of them mainly affect the lower extremities, which is why many physiotherapists and gynecologists recommend young mothers lying down with legs raised. It is a simple and non-invasive method that can be very beneficial for the body.

Lying With Your Legs Raised During Pregnancy - Benefits

What is the phenomenon of lying down with the legs in the air during pregnancy? First of all, it is a simple way to restore balance to the body. Here is a list of the three main advantages that can be gained by adopting this position:

Reduce swelling of the legs and feet

Abnormalities of blood circulation in one form or another lead to swelling, which can cause, among other things, pain and lack of movement. By lying down with their legs up in the air, a pregnant woman can help restore vascular permeability and good lymphatic circulation.

Varicose reduction

Lying with your legs raised, there is a good chance of reducing the appearance of varicose veins, that is, a pathological increase in the lumen of the venous vessels, which, from a broader perspective, can lead to the development of chronic cardiovascular failure .

real relaxation

Excessive irritability and mood swings are a relatively common problem among pregnant women. Lying down with your legs elevated in the air helps to better distribute oxygen in the body (improving blood and lymphatic flow), relieving excessive muscle tension and regulating breathing.

Lie down with your legs elevated during pregnancy. How do I do ?

When lying on your back, raise your lower limbs above body level (for example, leaning against a door or a wall), and place a pillow under the lumbar spine to relieve the load and prevent lordosis from getting worse. Doing this simple activity daily for 20 minutes will significantly reduce the risk of discomfort.


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