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Is it good to use a solarium?

 Is it good to use a solarium?

Summer and the sun are unmistakably associated with a beautiful tan. However, some sun seekers can not wait for the summer holidays and decide to use the sun's rays in beauty salons using ultraviolet rays. Is it good to use a solarium? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a solarium?

An undeniable advantage of using a solarium is the possibility of maintaining a beautifully tanned body all year round. In some cases, this can be especially important, such as when you want to look good at a business meeting or a company or family event. Especially since the stay in the solarium does not last long - a few minutes of use are enough to get a

 beautiful tan. Additionally, exposure can boost the production of endorphins and improve your mood. Modern beauty salons or spa salons are equipped with lamps that emit UVB rays. Thanks to this, the visit can be an important support in terms of the production of vitamin D, which, as is known, is synthesized in the subcutaneous skin.

However, it is hard to deny that regular sessions in the solarium are bad for your health. Seeing a tan throughout the year is dictated by several disadvantages:

The focused rays of tanning lamps are much stronger than sunlight, which unfortunately accelerates the aging process of the skin and contributes to the destruction of its natural deposits of elastin and collagen

Frequent visits to the solarium lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin, which over time becomes dry, lacks elasticity and is prone to excessive sebum secretion, which leads to the appearance of acne.

In some cases, the use of a solarium can cause unsightly changes in color

Uncontrolled (that is, too intense) tanning in a solarium can cause burns - artificial tanning is often said to increase the risk of skin cancer.

Using tanning beds and nutritional supplements - what is it worth using?

Olimp Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, has developed a dietary supplement designed specifically for people who tan or use solarium. The formula of Beta-SOLAR is a well-thought-out combination of vitamins and minerals, which helps the body in many

 ways. The ingredients in the product support the protection of cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, promote the healthy condition of the skin and contribute to its good pigmentation. The composition is enriched with many valuable components with antioxidant properties, which are an additional form of protection against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

The supplement has been developed according to pharmaceutical standards. The product is free from heavy metal contamination, and is guaranteed with proven, microbiologically clean raw materials. Optimally selected proportions guarantee an effective addition to the daily diet and real support.


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