Is EMS training safe? / TRAINING

 Is EMS training safe? / TRAINING

Electrical muscle stimulation has so far been used in physiotherapy. It has been a popular form of exercise for some time and is enjoyed by both beginners and experienced exercisers. Is EMS training safe?

## Why is EMS training safe?

You should know that EMS training devices are modeled on the equipment used by physiotherapists. Special electrodes are placed on the body of the trainee. After being attached to the relevant body parts, they conduct an electrical impulse and stimulate muscle contraction. However, the value of the impulse generated is optimal and adapted to the needs of the person training - the energy generated has the sole purpose of activating the muscle to be worked.

It is important to note that EMS training is not a "middle ground" for people with low levels of physical activity. Electrostimulation of muscles only produces the desired effects during exercise - in this case the training is based on simple activities that are not difficult for most

 people who train. Also, participants do not use any equipment during the workout. The absence of dumbbells, dumbbells and other equipment eliminates the risk of overloading joints or muscles, which reduces the risk of more or less serious injuries.

It should not be forgotten that EMS training is safe thanks to the presence of an instructor. Each type of lesson - whether individual sessions or group training - takes place under the watchful eye of a qualified and experienced trainer, who supervises the participants. Besides analyzing the correct exercise technique, he supervises the operation of the equipment. It

 adjusts the level of intensity of the electric impulses generated, which makes it possible to avoid the dangers of excessive stimulation, such as lesions or muscle burns. In addition, the instructors are the only people competent to connect the equipment and attach the electrodes to the trainee's body.

## Contraindications to EMS training

Despite the many benefits of EMS training, there are a few important contraindications that should not be overlooked. It is not possible in all cases to carry out exercises with the aid of electrical muscle stimulation devices - in certain situations the use of a stimulus in the form of electricity can be dangerous for the health. The main contraindications for EMS training are:

  • - kidney disease
  • - mental illnesses
  • - skin problems such as acne or ulcers
  • - inflammations and active infections accompanied by fever
  • - the presence of pacemakers, hearing aids, prostheses and other metallic/electrical foreign bodies in the body
  • - cardiovascular problems, for example unregulated hypertension.

It should also be remembered that exercises with electrostimulation are a solid effort for the body. Therefore, on the day of training, one should refrain from any other activity that can cause great psychophysical fatigue.

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