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Is the duration of training important in terms of effectiveness?

 Is the duration of training important in terms of effectiveness?

Opinions are still divided. Short, dynamic workouts outnumber sessions lasting a few hours and long indoor workouts. What is the most correct way to achieve the desired results? Is the duration of the training important in terms of the results obtained?

Is the duration of the training important? HIIT training proves that's not the case!

Although many people may see gym workouts as long and tedious work, in reality it all depends on the approach. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is based on intense exercises interspersed with a "break" in the form of moderate-intensity work. Thanks to this, the muscles are practically not able to achieve complete rest, the metabolism is always at a high level, and the body draws energy from the accumulated fat stores.


So, is the duration of training important? no ! HIIT-based training plans don't include activities longer than those that take 25 minutes! (including "breaks"). In less than half an hour you have the opportunity to work your entire body, improve your fitness and endurance, burn excess body fat and lose weight.

Does too long training time have a negative effect?

It has been known for some time that the best is the enemy of the good. Of course, long rest periods between exercises or successive series are necessary in the case of, for example, a heavy load or a training plan. However, if they are not justified, then they can certainly have a negative impact on the quality of the results obtained. why ?

Excessive training duration prolongs the time required to provide the body with essential nutrients (eg proteins, carbohydrates or vitamins), which were used to carry out the planned training. So there is a high risk that catabolic reactions will begin to take over the body, which will lead, for example, to loss of muscle mass, increased cortisol levels or increased lactic acid stores and continuation of DOMS.

Are Supplements Important for Duration of Training?

If you feel that the duration of your workout is increasing due to a lack of motivation or insufficient strength, you can consider doing a pre-workout. Its components are important in the context of creating the right conditions for the body and affect its adaptation to increased

 levels of psychosomatic fatigue. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers several multi-ingredient pre-workout products that are meticulously formulated by the scientists at pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories using the highest quality, tested materials.

Redweiler's pre-workout supplement is a product that contains, among others, AAKG, creatine (monohydrate and creatine trihydrate), beta-alanine, vitamins, minerals, highly standardized extracts and caffeine, all formulated in perfect proportions for athletes of all levels! This supplement is recommended for physical sports enthusiasts, especially bodybuilders, stamina or bodybuilders.


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