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Is creatine harmful? Dispels doubts!

 Is creatine harmful? Dispels doubts!

In the age of global access to the Internet and easy use of many professional scientific sources, you can easily find various studies that validate the use of creatine by exercisers. Unfortunately, in discussion forums or during training, one can ask the following question - is creatine harmful?

Is creatine harmful to the kidneys?

Perhaps this is one of those legends that, although the years have passed, are still passed down to younger generations by less qualified colleagues with many years of training experience. Twelve years ago, it was firmly believed that creatine was the cause of high kidney pressure. You may also come across theories indicating an increased risk of permanent damage. All of these opinions are often related to the properties of creatine to improve water retention.

So, is creatine harmful to the kidneys? There is plenty of evidence to suggest there is no risk of kidney failure or disease. By consuming an optimal amount of creatine (3-5g per day), we can be sure that this ingredient will not pose the slightest danger to us.

Is creatine harmful with long-term supplementation?

In the past, we have often come across the belief that the best way to use creatine is through periodic supplementation. The goal of dividing the muscles into phases of loading and saturation with the active substance was to achieve its optimal accumulation, which should lead to an increase in the efficiency of its use. Also, long-term use of creatine is seen as an easy way to damage the kidneys mentioned earlier.

Is creatine harmful with long-term supplementation? The answer should be clear and obvious: No! In light of the latest trends and scientific reports, regular use of creatine at 3-5 grams per day provides much better results for exercisers than periodic supplementation.

Is creatine harmful in supplement form?

Although keratin is naturally present in food (meat), everyone agrees that the most common source in the diet of physically active people is supplements. The preparations make it possible to quickly and easily deliver the optimal amount of creatine, which is often characterized by very good assimilation and a high degree of accuracy. Creatine supplementation is a very good way to provide your muscles with an ingredient that helps increase physical performance during intense and short-term physical exercise.

Is creatine harmful in supplement form? If you choose brands like Olympus Sport Nutrition, you can be completely confident in the safety of the product you have purchased. The company's pharmaceutical standard, compliance with the necessary production standards, modern laboratory facilities and raw materials tested for purity are a guarantee of quality,

 which is also confirmed by many years of experience and a strong position in the global food supplement market under the brand Olimp Sport. Preparations such as Creatine Xplode or Creatine 1250 Mega Caps are useful suggestions for beginners and experienced amateurs


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