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Iron - what are its sources and how does it work?

 Iron - what are its sources and how does it work?

Among the many elements that are an integral part of the daily diet, iron - a substance that has a fundamental influence on the proper functioning of many important processes in the human body, certainly cannot be overlooked. Where is it worth getting it? What are the most useful sources of daily nutrition?

What is the action of iron?

It's hard to deny that iron is one of the most important components of a healthy diet. It is one of the basic components of a varied diet, which plays a very important role in the context of the optimal state and functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is, first of all, the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells) which, along with leukocytes and platelet

 cells, are the most important elements of blood. In addition, the action of iron helps distribute and transport oxygen through the muscles and lungs, among other things. This effect is possible due to the participation of this element in the synthesis of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

In addition, iron has a number of other important properties. The presence and action of this active component is especially important in the following cases:

  • Maintaining the proper functioning of cognitive processes
  • Maintaining an optimal level of energy metabolism
  • Support the nervous system and immune system
  • Reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue
  • Participation in the process of cell division

What are the sources of iron?

First of all, it is worth giving preference to a varied diet, which is the basis for maintaining optimal health. The presence of iron mainly concerns products of animal origin. In this case, the best sources would be organ meats (such as liver, kidney, black pudding or tripe) and fatty fish (smoked and fresh) such as sardines, mackerel, or salmon. Cereals and nuts are equally valuable sources of iron, which contain high amounts of the required mineral and are readily available due to their widespread use. Among these, we can cite

  1. Wheat Bran,
  2. iron rich corn flakes,
  3. millet porridge,
  4. pumpkin seeds,
  5. cacao,
  6. pistachio,
  7. Blue poppy seeds.

Are supplements a good source of iron?

It must be remembered that, despite the presence of iron in natural sources, its absorption is greatly limited. The body absorbs only part of its content in food products. For this, it is worth using dietary supplements from the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, developed to high standards in modern laboratories, using carefully selected components with the necessary degree of microbiological purity.

Chela-Ferr Bio Complex is a unique blend of easily absorbed Ferrochel® Iron in an effective chelated form of amino acids, which has been enriched with the addition of B vitamins (B6 and B12 that support the production of erythrocytes), and Vitamin C (which have beneficial effects on absorption). and protect cells from oxidative stress) and folic acid. The product is available in convenient capsule form that allows for convenient and accurate supplementation in almost any condition).


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