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Iron deficiency - causes, symptoms and consequences

 Iron deficiency - causes, symptoms and consequences

Can iron deficiency be the cause of serious abnormalities in the optimal functioning of the organism? What symptoms are important diagnostic information? How to reduce the negative effects of low iron level in the daily diet?

What are the causes of iron deficiency?

According to specialists, one of the most common causes of iron deficiency is severe blood loss. People who are prone to bleeding (eg bleeding anxiety, women with heavy and long periods, postmenopausal bleeding disorders) are especially victims of an insufficient level

 of iron in the body. Another equally common cause is problems with blood clotting and wound healing - trauma, injuries and previous processes within the internal organs or parts of the musculoskeletal system can contribute to a marked decrease in the iron content.

Other causes of low iron levels include abnormalities that interfere with iron absorption from the diet, chronic diarrhea, and a diet low in natural iron sources. At this time, it is worth noting that vegetarians and vegans who reduce meat products increase the risk of a deficiency.

How do you recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency?

The problem of iron deficiency begins with symptoms that may not be related to this fact at first. At first, it is a feeling of constant fatigue, lack of energy or a significant deterioration in mood. Over time, the condition of the skin also begins to indicate the presence of the problem - it becomes very dry and rough and its natural color begins to fade. Also, the low level of iron increases the brittleness of the hair and cracks in the nails or the formation of ugly blisters in the throat and mouth.


Iron deficiency also leads to problems with decreased concentration, excessive dizziness and headaches, as well as a decrease in the efficiency of thought processes. Due to a weakened immune system, the risk of infection increases. Long-term iron deficiency leads to chronic globulia (anemia).

How to overcome the consequences of iron deficiency?

The best way of course is to maintain a healthy and varied diet rich in natural sources of the element. Unfortunately, in some cases, even a balanced diet may not be a sufficient solution to iron deficiency. What should be done to manage the negative consequences of its low level?

A good solution would be the choice of dietary supplements, which will make it possible to provide the optimal amount of this component in an easily assimilated form. Brand Olimp Sport Nutrition recommends choosing Vita-Min Multi Sport because it is a complex blend

 of the most important vitamins and minerals, plus it is enriched with highly standardized plant extracts. All ingredients have been obtained from raw materials that have been proven to be microbiologically pure and the product itself has been prepared according to pharmaceutical company standards.


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