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Inflation training. Discover the benefits of this training system

 Inflation training. Discover the benefits of this training system

Among the many training methods, special attention should be paid to joint nutrition training (measles-specific training), aimed at developing an athletic and muscular figure. Discover its principles and the advantages of this unique training system.

What is inflation training?

HST (Articular Dystrophy Training) is defined as overtraining for muscle growth, which requires the athlete to carefully observe the load values ​​used and avoid muscle deterioration. This training regimen is especially recommended for those who want to record muscle growth in a short time. The concept of hypertrophy refers to the growth of cells (fibers), which leads not only to an increase in muscle size, but also to an increase in its strength.

The main principles of HST training for muscle growth

Those who decide to take on the HST challenge must first of all pay attention to respecting the four basic rules. This determines the effectiveness of your hypertrophy training and enables the formation of the muscular shape very effectively.

Mechanical load - exercises performed in an aircraft require additional load. A training session should last about 50 minutes. The number of exercises is a matter of agreement and should be adapted to your own abilities. It is extremely important to avoid a deteriorating state of the muscles, which will allow you to maintain adequate regeneration between subsequent training sessions.

Strong muscle stimulation with a simultaneous increase in training frequency - the exercises performed during HST training should have a frequency three times higher than in the case of conventional training. One total course consists of up to 4 mini courses, which provide a total of 8 weeks with 3 training modules over 7 days.

Systematic increase in the load used - usually specialists say 5% per training session, which leads to the muscles regularly receiving new stimuli for exercise, and the fibers to engage in more intense work. 4) Maintain a sufficiently long break between training sessions - the breakup in case of overload should be between 9 and 14 days, which will allow the muscles to fully regenerate after a period of very intense exercise.

Will Supplements During STH Training Be Beneficial?

Finding supplements that complement a varied diet can be of great support to the practitioner. Manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards, Olimp Sport Nutrition products will prove to be a good choice. Raw materials, the purity and composition of which have been checked according to the declarations on the label, innovative production technologies make it possible to obtain products that do not require the use of other preparations.

In the case of overtraining for muscle growth, it is worth using the Gain Bolic 6000 conditioner, which allows you to enrich your daily diet with a complex of proteins and carbohydrates .. The protein mixture will help increase your existing muscle mass and help you maintain a healthy bone condition. The carbohydrates in the formula help replenish

 depleted glycogen stores, which helps replenish the energy stores used during exercise. The conditioner also contains creatine monohydrate, which helps increase physical performance during short and intense workouts. Each serving of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand contains approximately 380 calories, which will allow you to maintain your energy surplus and facilitate weight gain.


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