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I Don't Have Time to Take Care of Myself: 10 Game-Changing Tips

 I Don't Have Time to Take Care of Myself: 10 Game-Changing Tips

With a little organization, you can de-stress and relax to refocus yourself. Find out how to save a few minutes in your day, skip your schedule and rethink your routine. But how do we do that?

1/ Make good use of your time

Pack your things the night before to save you stress when you wake up. Charge your phone, choose your clothes for the next day in the evening, sort your clothes well by color, style, etc. Use 2-in-1 beauty products to spend less time in the bathroom.

2/ Optimize your living space

Living in a cluttered living space damages your brain. A cluttered office and an unorganized apartment increase your mental burden, make you feel more stressed and can delay your tasks.

3/ Say stop to electronic things

Social media and television are stressors, but they are also often time-consuming activities. Replace it with some "fun time", i.e. some free time to do what you love: shopping, eating, cinema, etc.

4 / Ask for help

It is not necessary to try to exhaust all options before asking for help at the last minute. Some people tend to underestimate their stress and refuse people who offer help. Start by making a list of relatives you can count on to take care of the kids on a picnic, for example. Also delegate some custom tasks.

5/ Don't say yes to everything

Don't constantly put other people's happiness above your own for fear of conflict or confrontation. It is not a good idea to say yes to everything if you lack time for yourself and your loved ones. Moments of "Quality Time" should remain a priority!

6/ Don't be a perfectionist

The desire to do everything right and lead absolutely nowhere. You have to learn to let go of your emails on the weekend, bring back the evening's dishes the next morning if you feel tired, go to bed when you feel like it even if you haven't finished everything, etc. .

7/ walk alone

Do yourself a good job simply by walking without your everyday "baggage", including the phone. Observe the environment, listen to the noise, look at the people, etc. If you can walk in nature, that's even better.

8 / take a shower

Take some time to yourself after a long day at work, and relax in a warm, relaxing bath to soothe your muscles, with soothing music in the background. Pour a few drops of the essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, lemon or ylang-ylang and other oils that have relaxing properties and a nourishing and hydrating power to your skin.

9/ Find time for a hobby

You need to make time for an activity that you really enjoy, despite work and family commitments. Once a week, do whatever you like even while staying at home. Dance alone, keep a diary if you love to write, play music, learn to cook etc.

10 / meditate

Meditation does not take much time, but it brings good results wherever you are. You can take the pressure off yourself a bit, even in the office. Before starting an activity, for example, while waiting for a file to open or download, take a deep breath, stay seated with your eyes closed and turn your attention to your inspiration and expiration. This type of meditation also helps relieve tension in the back, neck, legs, etc.


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