How to strengthen your arms after 60?

 How to strengthen your arms after 60?

When you reach your sixties, the muscles begin to loosen, melt, and the arms may become flabby. After 60 years, it is still possible to perform exercises to get rid of this phenomenon. How to strengthen your arms after 60? Here are some tips.

Why build your arms when you are old?

As we age, the skin becomes less firm and less elastic. They can droop and give the impression of flabby, less solid and muscular arms. Sagging skin in the armpits can be caused by weak muscles that hold the skin in place. Therefore, the feeling of sagging arms is the result of flabby skin caused by weak muscles.

After the age of 60, it may be advised to do exercises to strengthen the arm muscles and thus restore tight and toned skin to avoid the effect of "flaking skin". Certain exercises can be prepared to specifically target the muscles of the upper arm (biceps and triceps).

Some simple but effective exercises

Before starting any exercise, it is essential that you warm up! This way you avoid injury and be more successful in your exercises. In fact, if you haven't warmed up, don't train because it can become dangerous as well as counterproductive. You can set up a small routine of 10 minutes of warm-up by doing a series of different exercises, slowly because the body is cool. This may include:

  • rotation of the ankles
  • tiptoe up
  • butt heels
  • knee raises
  • hip rotation
  • wrist rotation
  • elbow cycles
  • shoulder rotation
  • "Yes" and "No" in the head
  • Once that's done, you're ready!

If your arms are drooping


Starting position: You should put a chair or chair behind you and then lean on it with your hands. Should be shoulder width apart. You stand straight and look forward. The legs remain bent and form a right angle. Buttocks in space and feet touching the ground. You should do arm exercises to lower your buttocks. When the shoulders are parallel to the floor, stop the movement. You then have to come back by squeezing your arms.

This is a very effective exercise but it can be very challenging.


This is a good alternative to the previous exercise. You should put yourself in a "stress" position, but against a wall. Hands are placed shoulder width apart and arms extended. You have to slowly lower your chest by bending your arms. The movement should be stopped when the elbows are fully flexed. Then come back again by bending your arms.

arm extensions

For this exercise, you should take something with a weight of about a kilogram such as dumbbells or water bottles.

You should hold the bottle or dumbbells behind your neck. The arm is fully flexed. First do the exercise on one arm, then the other.

You must first raise the bottle above your head by extending your arm. Then bring the bottle or dumbbell down again by bending your arm.

These various exercises are perfect for working the biceps.

To build biceps


You can take water bottles or dumbbells here too. The palms of the hands should be facing the sky. The arms are bent at a 90-degree angle and the bottles or dumbbells are lengthened. Lift the bottles toward your shoulders by bending your arms. Then lower your arms by doing a stretch.

hammer knot

It is very similar to the previous exercise except that the paws are opposite and parallel. Bottles or dumbbells erect.

fixed curl

Again, this is very similar to the classic braid but you have to hold this position for a few seconds. This is equivalent to wrapping the arms.

forearms _

wrist flexion

You need to take the same position as in the curly, with bottles or dumbbells. However, this time, you should bring the water bottles closer to your forearms by bending your wrists and then return to the initial position.

In order for all this to be effective, it is necessary to prepare a small program that thus begins with a forced warm-up. For each exercise, you can perform two sets of 15 repetitions. For static curls, hold for 30 seconds, if possible, is recommended. Between each series, take a one to two minute break. Between each exercise, you can take 3 minutes to breathe and hydrate yourself (very important).

Prepare a complete program

You can do these exercises twice a week to see real results. It is important to let the muscles rest, so wait 48 hours between each exercise. It is important not to force it and thus adapt the difficulty to your abilities and potential pain.

It is true that doing these exercises is not enough. It's important to take care of your diet, hydrate, and get enough sleep, too. You can combine strength training with another cardiovascular activity such as walking or running to improve your endurance.

It is important to stick to your training schedule or else you risk seeing your arms wrinkle again and your muscles melt away. Regularity is essential. Setting up 30-minute sessions twice a week is not difficult and helps you get in better shape. Which is insignificant! Take the time to do all your exercise and rest and you can say goodbye to drooping arms!


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