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How to strengthen the body after the flu?

 How to strengthen the body after the flu?

Every disease that arises is a great effort for the body. Many people are looking for effective ways to quickly return to the previous form of infection, which clearly weakened the organism. Below we suggest how to strengthen the body after the flu.

How to strengthen the body after the flu. Valuable vitamins and minerals

Many acute and stressful infections are accompanied by a marked decrease in appetite and/or a true aversion to food. However, the organism, tired of constantly fighting the disease, must be supported by the valuable properties of vitamins and minerals, which can

 significantly decrease in the body after the flu. The best way, of course, is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which will provide, among other things, zinc, vitamins C and D, manganese and selenium, which have a very valuable effect on the proper functioning of immunity and combat. Against free radicals of oxygen.

How to strengthen the body after the flu? When supply is insufficient, we recommend the entire formula Immuno Xplode Powder from Olimp Sport Nutrition. The supplement is available as an easy-to-dissolve powder with an incredibly refreshing lemonade flavour. It

 contains easily absorbed forms of zinc, vitamins C and D, plant extracts (elderberry and Japanese pagoda) and valuable amino acids (L-cystine and L-glutamine). The product is recommended for amateur athletes, professional athletes and all lovers of a healthy and varied diet.

How to strengthen the body after the flu? garlic

Another way to strengthen your body after the flu is to include garlic in your daily diet. This small vegetable is a rich source of allicin - a chemical compound that gives the plant its distinctive aroma and pungent taste. However, this is not the only advantage. Allicin has valuable antibacterial properties that can be beneficial to the immune system.

But what if you want to avoid the strong taste of garlic? In this case, it is worth acquiring Garcilin from Olimp Labs - a concentrated and absolutely odorless garlic extract, standardized for an allicin content of 2%. Its convenient shape allows for quick supplementation, and there is practically no problem with the unpleasant smell of this vegetable.

How to strengthen the body after the flu? Probiotic Supplements

The use of drugs during and after influenza leads to a severe violation of the normal state of the normal intestinal bacterial flora, which is known to regulate and stimulate a number of immune processes. That is why its restoration gradually strengthens the organism after illness. In addition, spores allow the synthesis and absorption of a number of valuable

 vitamins. This is why Colonbiotic 7GG Sports Edition is the ideal solution for people suffering from various colds or flus. The capsules contain up to 7 billion CFU of valuable Lactobacillus bacteria, which have been enriched with an optimal dose of prebiotic fructooligosaccharides.


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