How to make the shoulders of heroes?

 How to make the shoulders of heroes?

Strong and well-developed shoulder muscles are the pride of every man. Unfortunately, it often happens that, despite a great deal of exercise, the shoulder muscles remain ineffective and no progress occurs. So how do you develop shoulders that you can flaunt?

shoulder anatomy

The most important task of the shoulder muscles is the correct position of the arm during each activity - its implementation depends on the mobility and stability of the shoulder muscles. The shoulder girdle is a group of small deltoid muscles that consist of the anterior, lateral and posterior muscles. The structure of the shoulder muscles makes them insensitive to low repetition ranges with heavy weights.

Iron pressure from the chest

This exercise should be done with the elbows pointed forward, because in this way you can better feel the work of the front parts of the deltoid muscles.

In the event that the exercise is performed with a free bar, it is necessary to take a standing position. This allows you to maintain your balance thanks to the tilting of the entire body backwards. The exercise can also be performed in a sitting position with a guide barbell - then the focus should not be on maintaining a good posture of the whole body, but only keeping the elbows in front.

Press with the bar behind the neck

It is an exercise that causes bruising, because placing the body under the crossbar behind the neck is not the normal position. Despite this, this exercise can help build muscle mass in the shoulder girdle - it will be especially appreciated by people who are starting to work on building muscle mass. Its mass does not limit mobility in the shoulder joints, which is why the posture reduces the risk of bruising.


The exercise includes all three axes, that is, the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the trapezius muscle. The task can be performed both in a sitting and standing position, although the sitting version is easier and less complicated. The bar should be lowered below the line of the ears, but care must be taken to avoid hyperextension of the elbows.


iron piston seated

It is a very good exercise for the press kit. It is made so that the dumbbells point inward a little, and at what stage they should be positioned so that the internal discs are between the anterior deltoid axis and the biceps. It is pressed upward, on a slight bend, so that the discs and shoulder muscles at the upper stage are almost in contact. However, you cannot stand the touch - it can cause a small trauma, which causes bruising to the elbow, shoulder or wrist joint.

Lateral raise with dumbbells

It is an exercise that can cause a lot of difficulty, especially for people who are just starting to train. The exercise begins with dumbbells at hip level - it can be performed on the side of the hips or from the front. Regardless of the starting position, the dumbbells should be

 directed in a wide arc to ear level, trying to keep the elbows higher than the wrists. For diversification, the exercise can sometimes be performed in a sitting position - on the back of the bench, press on the chest to completely stabilize the figure. When deciding to use such an isolated mode, a smaller load should be selected.

What are shoulder muscle exercises?

In addition to the exercises presented, the training plan can additionally include lateral rise with dumbbells in an inclined position and pulling the barbell along the body, although the latter, in the case of incomplete technique, can cause bruising.

Whatever exercise you choose, it is worth remembering one simple rule - less loads, more repetitions.

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