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How to lose a man's belly after 50 years?

 How to lose a man's belly after 50 years?

With age, if women tend to have rounded hips, it is not uncommon to see an increase in abdominal circumference. This trend is associated with increased abdominal fat. In any case, we suggest that you study this phenomenon in more detail to allow you to find the most acceptable waist circumference for you, but above all for your health.

Why do men get belly fat?

The size of the abdomen in men increases with age for various reasons:

Diet: In fact, it is common for men not to have a very advanced nutritional education, or to have an excess of alcohol, sugar, fats, etc. It can have negative consequences on the waistline. But not only ! Men also tend to eat faster than women. This has a double effect on the stomach, on the one hand, by eating faster, we tend to eat more, and if this excess of food is not eliminated by exercise, then storage

 begins, and in men, it occurs at the level of the abdomen . On the other hand, we must not forget that the digestion of food begins in the mouth with the excretion of substances responsible for reducing food. Without this process, digestion is more difficult and the feeling of satiety is delayed. So take the time to chew, eat a healthy diet and devote yourself to exercise to flush out your fat stores.

Decreased muscle mass: This phenomenon, called sarcopenia, occurs over time. It is associated with decreased metabolism. As you age, the body tends to burn fewer calories, energy intake can become greater than expenditure and can turn into fat that collects in the belly belt. These fats pose a danger because they settle between the organs and can cause disruptions in the hormonal system. They can then be a source of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, etc. In this case, the belly grip should not be taken lightly and you need to control it.

Breathing: Men also tend to breathe through the abdomen, unlike women, who tend to breathe more through the chest. When breathing through the abdomen, then the transverse muscle is stimulated. This allows the viscera to be preserved, then if it relaxes, the organs will be pushed forward. In this case, the abdomen becomes protruding and becomes rather hard.

What are the health risks?

In addition to being unsightly, a tummy tuck procedure can have health effects. In fact, some studies suggest a relationship between weight and life expectancy. Thus, being overweight greatly increases the risk of serious health problems. Among them, we can mention cardiovascular accidents, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. And for good reason, the visceral fat found inside the abdomen is the most dangerous.

For all these reasons, it is necessary that the waist circumference be less than 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women. This is why doctors monitor the waist circumference of people who are overweight. If it exceeds 102 cm in men and 88 cm in women, the consequences for health gradually increase. In other words, the higher the waist circumference, the proportionally higher the risk.

What diet should be followed to lose belly?

To avoid the accumulation of fat in the belly belt, the first solution is to follow your diet. There is no question of a system that is too restrictive. It is better to adopt good eating habits. This way, you will be able to get rid of fat in a sustainable way. It is advisable to initially target dishes that are too sweet, fatty or very rich and replace them with healthy, balanced dishes.

We don't skip breakfast. After fasting overnight, the body needs energy to start the day. Choose fruits and cereals that allow you to last all morning without having to snack.

Take the time to eat to promote digestion, but also to fill up more quickly. Get rest, chew for a long time, and have fun without distractions like the TV or computer.

Stop sweets that are often too sweet, high in fat, etc. Snacks will not allow you to feel full. If you feel hungry, choose fresh fruit or a cereal bar. From time to time, you can allow yourself a little sweetness, but you can have it after a meal. In this way, your insulin secretion is lower than if you were fasting.

The use and abuse of fruits and vegetables that, in addition to being low in calories, bring a lot to your body: vitamins, fiber, etc.

Fats are also found in meat and fish. Those meats are of lower quality. Therefore, avoid fatty meats, such as lamb or lamb, but also cold meats. Prefer fish such as cod, bream, monkfish, or whiting that are less fat.

To appreciate your new way of eating, it can be interesting to learn to cook to discover dishes that will inspire you. You can cook in larger quantities so that you can enjoy it in two meals without necessarily having to cook it every day. Also prepare your lists in advance, this way you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

To reduce fat, choose ingredients with a low glycemic index. You can therefore turn to whole grains, legumes, white meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits, and dark chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa.

Reduce your consumption of sugar alcohols (cocktails, beer, cooked wine, kirch). At an appetizing time, you can replace your beer with a good fruit juice. If the liver is working well, you can drink alcohol in moderation, such as a glass of wine.

What physical exercises to exercise to lose belly

In addition to a good diet, physical activity will help your body get rid of the accumulated fat. These are some examples:

You can choose different endurance sports according to your preference. However, swimming is the most effective sport, as it burns more calories than any other sport.

If you prefer, you can opt for brisk walking, cycling, etc. Whatever the case, choose an activity that allows a moderate but steady heart rate to accelerate for 30 minutes a day. If in doubt, you can seek advice from your doctor, physiotherapist or sports teacher.

In addition to endurance exercise, you can also perform abdominal exercises. Be careful, if you only exercise your abdominal muscles, you will not lose your fat, you will strengthen your abdominal muscles. So these two sports exercises are complementary to help you find a flat stomach. It is enough to do a few minutes a day of exercises such as the candle, push-ups, and push-ups. To help you, again, you can call a professional or watch the tutorials live online.


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