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How to increase testosterone levels in a safe way?

 How to increase testosterone levels in a safe way?

The hormonal economy plays a very important role in the proper functioning of humans and the maintenance of optimum health. There is no doubt that testosterone is one of the primary active compounds when it comes to physical activity, getting in shape or rejuvenating the body after strenuous exertion. How do you level up? Is it possible to safely support the metabolism to maintain an adequate concentration of testosterone in the blood?

How to increase testosterone levels? A few simple ways

Testosterone itself is a very important hormonal compound for men. Its optimal level is responsible, among other things, for good bone growth, formation of muscle mass, development of Saxon male traits (including hair and tone of voice), regulation of libido and good sexual condition, good sperm quality or maintenance of overall vitality and energy level. for daily work. Testosterone deficiency is often observed in improper regeneration after psychophysical exertion, excessive stress and, above all, in an insufficiently balanced and poorly varied diet.

What to do and how to increase testosterone levels in the body? Here are some simple ways to help manage your hormones by making small changes to your current lifestyle:

  • Maintain a proper body weight - being overweight contributes to lower testosterone levels, which often results from consuming too much sugar and unhealthy fats
  • Maintain an active lifestyle - high-intensity workouts effectively reduce the low concentration of this hormone
  • Reducing stress and excessive irritability - Increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) promote catabolic reactions that reduce testosterone levels

Respect for the optimal amount of sleep and an appropriate lifestyle - lack of sleep, a constant feeling of fatigue and the absence of adequate regeneration of the nervous system have a significant impact on altering the natural production of many hormones, including testosterone.

How to increase testosterone levels? Search add-ons

Changing your eating habits, introducing large amounts of fruits and vegetables, increasing your protein intake and eliminating junk food will definitely increase your testosterone levels. However, it must be remembered that the proportion of active ingredients obtained from natural sources is not fully assimilated during consumption. This is due to its limited bioavailability. However, this problem can be solved by using preparations called testosterone boosters.

An example is the Fortest preparation by Olymp Sport Nutrition. It contains, among other things, high-quality plant extracts (such as maca, Chinese lemon, saffron and fenugreek), vitamin B6, zinc or freeze-dried royal jelly. The product contains up to 120 capsules in its package, the use of ingredients will have a beneficial effect in maintaining the optimal level of testosterone, reducing fatigue, male libido and sexual performance.


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