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How to get a flat stomach by following these 4 tips and exercises!

 How to get a flat stomach by following these 4 tips and exercises!

Want to know how to get a flat stomach? To achieve your goal, you need to pay attention to your diet, do the right training and be patient. We give you the best tips for a flat stomach, including exercises you can start right away.

How do you have a flat stomach?

If you follow the basic principles of losing weight, your flat stomach will happen almost effortlessly. The critical factor in losing weight is caloric balance. You should consume fewer calories than you expend

 while moving or exercising. With a calorie deficit, your body will have to rely on its reserves of fat to produce energy, and that's when you lose weight. Conversely, if you consume more calories than you burn, your weight will increase.

In addition to following a low-calorie diet, it is also important to get the right exercise. HIIT or cardio sessions burn the most calories. With an adequate protein intake, HIIT also allows you to strengthen your muscles. If your body is more powerful, you will burn more calories, even when you are not exercising.

Know that strength sports, such as functional training or building muscle, can help you have a flat, muscular stomach. If you want to have a flat stomach with this type of exercise, it is important to maintain a calorie deficit but provide the good nutrients for your

 body so that it endures during training. Eating protein is ideal for providing long-term energy to your body, without altering the calorie balance. To stimulate your muscles, make sure you do frequent training sessions. In this way, you will avoid losing muscle mass due to a lack of calories.

Note: Exercising only the abdominal muscles such as crunches or sitting will not help you lose belly fat. However, these exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles, which in the long run will allow you to have a better shaped stomach and therefore look flatter.

Bottom line: To have a flat stomach, you need to be in a calorie deficit. HIIT or cardio will burn a lot of calories and a special six-pack workout will help you tone your abs.

Here's why you should avoid cliched diets that promise a flat stomach

Beware of miracle diets!

Most of the time, this type of "cruel diet" never brings the expected results. This is for two reasons:

Loss of muscle mass: It has always been explained that to lose weight and be thin, you need a calorie deficit. However, if the caloric deficit is too great, then your body will not only depend on fats, but also on proteins to accumulate energy. So you will lose fat as well as muscle. And it is the muscles that allow you to have a more toned and toned body.

The Yo-Yo Effect: As your fat mass and muscle mass will be lower, you will need to eat less. But when you are done with your diet, what will happen? You will eat normally again, even more than before due to major frustrations and will risk a yo-yo effect. The result: you regain the weight you lost so hard! How do you avoid this? Discover our tips in our article on the yo-yo effect!

Plus, fad diets put your body under tremendous stress and put it in a kind of emergency situation. There is also a good chance that you are not consuming enough nutrients. Your body needs it to function normally. In short, you are not doing yourself a favor nor your health.

4 tips for a flat stomach

If you have a good nutritional foundation for losing weight and stick to it, nothing can stand in the way of your success. With the following tips, you can easily maintain your calorie deficit and soon you will be able to touch your flat stomach with your fingertips.

Drink enough water

When we say we should drink enough water or we should stay hydrated, it means that we should drink an average of 2 liters of water per day. The exact number varies according to each factor

 according to various factors such as weight and level of physical activity. Good hydration allows your body to properly perform all its functions, including burning fat. In addition, you will also be able to notice better performance in training.

Calculate the calories you eat to eat more consciously

Be warned, it's not about counting calories for the rest of your life! If you are setting out to achieve the goal of a flat stomach, you will have to combine sports and diet. To eat more mindfully, counting

 calories in the beginning will give you a clearer idea of ​​the foods you eat and their nutritional values. You will even be surprised to discover that some sweets contain far fewer calories than you thought! Like that, it sounds more interesting than counting calories without understanding why, right?

Today there are very good applications that can help you calculate calories and give you information about their nutritional values. It's a good start to get that coveted flat stomach!

Whether you choose to track your calories or not, eating well in the long run is key to a great figure. Make sure you have a regular eating rhythm with balanced meals. Once you have a consistent routine, counting calories is no longer necessary to achieve your goal.

Avoid hidden calories

Many foods contain hidden calories, especially sweets like gum, milk chocolate, or potato chips.

Fruit juices and soft drinks also contain a lot of calories, which is why you should avoid them if you want to have a flat stomach. Another reason to use an app that allows you to see the nutritional values ​​of each ingredient used and get rid of some of them.

Focus on protein and fiber

Protein is necessary for the body to build and maintain muscle cells. On the other hand, fiber is not converted into energy by the body and plays an important role in gut health.

How long does it take to get a flat stomach?

BREAKING NEWS: Getting a Flat Stomach Won't Happen Overnight! You can't make an appointment when your stomach becomes flat. Be patient and persevere: by combining a calorie deficit, physical exercise and a balanced diet, you will see your body fat decrease, especially on your stomach. It is a matter of time and effort.

To achieve your goal, do not focus on the time it will take, but rather think about your health and taking care of yourself. Harsh diets or excessively intense training will backfire. Take the time you need!

4 abdominal muscle exercises to flatten the abdomen

These exercises help you burn extra calories and strengthen your abdominal muscles in a targeted manner. To find out the best way to incorporate it into your workout, check out our PDF with our free workout plan.

Plank knee raises with hip dips



Focus: full bust

Important points: slowly and controlledly bend your thigh to the side

leg raises

Russian ext

How to get a flat stomach: our conclusion

To have a flat stomach, you need a calorie deficit.

Doing abdominal exercises is not enough to get a flat stomach.

Strong abdominal muscles help in better shaping of the abdomen.

Fad diets only work during the diet period and usually result in a yo-yo effect and muscle loss.

Drink enough water and keep calories low.

Avoid hidden calories in sweets, fruit juices, and soft drinks.


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