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How to exercise biceps and triceps grow?

 How to exercise biceps and triceps grow?

Beautiful and strong arms are the first thing that attracts the attention of people who are “seriously” engaged in the development of muscle mass. Strong arm muscles are strong triceps and strong biceps. What exercises should be practiced in order to develop these muscles effectively?

Triceps and Biceps - Some Facts

The biceps muscle is positioned in the front of the arm between the scapula and the radial bone. In turn, the triceps muscle occupies the entire back surface of the arm and runs between the shoulder bone, humerus and elbow bone. Which of these muscles is the most

 important? In fact, the secret to developing great arms lies not in developing the biceps, but in training the triceps. It occupies up to 60% of the weight of the arm. The triceps support the chest and shoulder muscles in all exercises for these muscle groups. That's why one can't start training with shoulder exercises - tired arm muscles don't

It is best to do upper body exercises in the following order: chest muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles. The triceps and biceps are a small muscle group, so you don't need a lot of exercises in one exercise. Ironically, many people focus their attention on these muscles due to the simplicity of the exercises.

Affordable way to beautiful arms

Weak arms compared to other parts of the body is a problem for many people who train hard. If the main goal is the development of the muscles of the arms, then it is necessary to focus on training these parts of the body - in such a situation, it is recommended to train these parts up to 3 times a week.

Why so often? Because the muscles, in just a few weeks, are able to adapt to the increased effort and all the energy needed for regeneration is focused on rejuvenating the most intensely exercised part of the body. The proposed exercise distribution is as follows:

 Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - shoulder exercise, Tuesday - back exercise, Friday - shoulder exercise and thighs. When working on the shoulder muscles, it is better to perform exercises in supersets, that is, to combine two exercises involving opposite muscles into one.

Recommended exercises for triceps and biceps

All exercises below should be performed during one exercise in 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions - then the number of repetitions can be increased to 12-15.

forearm curls at the bar on the preacher's bench - the preacher's bench must be used for this exercise; You have to sit on the lower bench and recline with the sternum on the upper edge; Position the arms so that the triceps rests completely on the backrest; dynamically bending the arms at the elbow joints; When lowering the dumbbells, the movement must be controlled.

French push-up dumbbell press with your hands in a seated position - you can use a regular bench or preacher's bench to do this exercise; Dumbbells should be held with both hands above the head, and the arms should be straight, but not locked at the elbows; In this position, the dumbbells should be lowered deeply between the shoulder blades and dynamically raised.

bend the forearms while sitting on an inclined bench - the seat back should be located at an angle of 45 degrees; the back is comfortably and firmly supported; Dumbbells should be held lying down, hands placed laterally, arms perpendicular to the floor with elbows pressed to the sides of the torso; With the exhalation, the forearm should be flexed and the return movement should be controlled and spoken with the exhale.

Extension of the forearms with vertical lifting ropes - the bar must be grabbed with both hands with a hammer grip (upper grip); by extending the arms, the weights are pulled and folded - lowered; The bend should be parallel to the torso line.

thrusts on the handrail - raising and lowering movements are performed in the same way as in the case of classic push-ups; Here, however, the support is a handrail, and the stem must be located vertically; The elbows should remain on either side of the torso; When bending the elbows during lowering, it is necessary to inhale, when straightening the elbows - it is necessary to exhale while rising.

What can be achieved with triceps and biceps exercises?

Above all, a larger circumference of the arms - regular exercises will push the muscles almost to the inside of the eye. Strong arms ensure the best in living comfort - greater strength allows you to perform many tasks of daily life with greater freedom. It is important to remember that the triceps exercise better protects against bruising, and strong and muscular arms are a guarantee of a perfect shape.


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