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How to be less stressed?

 How to be less stressed?

Physiologically, stress is manifested by the release of hormones such as cortisol in the body. The heartbeat and breathing quicken to counteract the stress caused by different situations. When the context is relevant and motivating, we are talking about good stress, because it contributes to the achievement of goals. Unfortunately, when stress becomes chronic, the body risks deteriorating.

1 / Understand and prevent stress

Being on the edge of a cliff, losing control, many expressions show manifestations of stress. When you encounter situations that stress you at work or at home, it can sometimes be difficult to regain control of your actions and make the right decisions. This concern, everyone should be able to quickly recognize, because the symptoms can lead to disorders such as irritability, insomnia and headaches, or lead to more serious diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, depression, etc.

Being aware of the signs on your own is an important first step in combating stress. In fact, denial contributes to creating more complex situations that are difficult to manage. Take the time to breathe in and out whenever you feel the pressure increase. A few seconds of intimacy and resting in a quiet, relaxing corner, browsing or browsing your favorite magazines, allow you to free yourself of all negative thoughts. Take a calm attitude in all circumstances to reduce the state of stress, and allow positive thoughts to take over.

2/ Focus on your comfort

Adopt simple formulas to let go and boost your spirits.

Relaxing bath: scented candles, silent classical music, dim lighting, hot bath with relaxing salts, eyes closed, breathing gently.

Visualization: in a place far from any noise pollution, close your eyes and try to visually imagine your “paradise”: a beautiful small bay with white sand and turquoise water, sunset with the background of a floating village, etc.

Take up a hobby that gives meaning to your life and chases away dark thoughts: sports, music, painting, dancing, or reading. Define your passion, and find your hidden talent.

Arrange your life. At home, just like in the office, sort, store and sort your belongings and get rid of everything that is useless.

Install indoor plants to purify the surrounding air, but also for relaxation.

3/ I feel better right away

If you can't get rid of stress, you can work on yourself by trying to control it:

Put on your running shoes for a 10-minute walk in a green space.

Certain deep breathing exercises help reduce blood pressure.

Away from your computer, grab a healthy snack, fruit or vegetable.

Use your screens wisely: turn off your smartphone and watch videos on the web, without leaving the internet too intrusive.

Listen or play music.

To calm down immediately, squeeze the joints between the second and third knuckles of your index and middle fingers. This yoga naming trick activates the nerve that relaxes the area near the heart.


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