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How much daily protein supplement should be? Dispels doubts!

 How much daily protein supplement should be? Dispels doubts!

There are many different "schools" about using high protein formulas. The number of people, the number of opinions, and the lack of a clear answer make novice and inexperienced athletes feel uncertain. How much protein supplement should I take per day to optimally support the daily diet?

What should a daily protein supplement be for people who exercise?

The daily dose of a protein supplement is actually determined by your current diet and by determining your daily calorie intake and macronutrient distribution. On the other hand, it strictly depends on a number of factors: the current goal, weight, type of physical activity or sport, the number of calories burned during training and, above all, individual needs. So how much protein should the average person who engages in recreational physical activity at a moderate level of intensity provide?

  • Women: 1.4 - 1.6 g/kg body weight
  • Men: 1.6 - 2 g/kg body mass

These values, of course, are expressed in convention and on average, and everyone must approach the question very individually. Protein is an essential component of the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, it has a valuable effect on maintaining good bone health. Its main sources in the daily diet are meat, fish, milk and its derivatives, dairy products, nuts, eggs, legumes and seafood.

The use of a protein supplement should be viewed as a form of supplementation and supplement to a properly balanced diet. A varied diet is key to a muscular and athletic figure, and high-protein formulations are a convenient way to enrich it with healthy protein from a variety of sources - from whey protein, eggs, and beef to soy, dairy and other plant sources.

How much should this dietary supplement be per day? It really depends on the manufacturer and the raw materials used. In most cases, a single serving size ranges from 30 to 35 grams of powder, which may have a different protein content - it depends on what form of protein it is and where it comes from. The number of servings to be taken during the day is also an individual matter. However, 1-3 servings per day is most often mentioned, not forgetting that the product is just a form of dietary supplement.

What is the daily ration of protein supplements and which one to choose?

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand offers a number of protein nutrients that can be used to supplement your daily needs. The products are prepared from high-quality raw materials, microbiologically tested in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, which guarantee the necessary safety of use.

What products deserve special attention?

  • 100% Whey Protein Complex - A blend of complementary protein isolate concentrate and whey protein isolate, available in 14 great flavors.
  • Gold Beef Pro-Tein - high quality beef protein, an excellent alternative for people who are reluctant to milk protein and have problems with lactose intolerance
  • Plant Protein Complex - a unique blend of healthy plant proteins (pea,
  • Pumpkin seeds and brown rice), which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans due to the complete absence of components of animal origin.

How much should the share of these products be? The exact use of nutrients is specified by the manufacturer on the packaging, which will allow for accurate supplementation and avoid glaring mistakes, for example related to using too little water to prepare delicious high-protein milkshakes.


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