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How does your swimming adventure begin?

 How does your swimming adventure begin?

Many people decide to go swimming because of its many health benefits. However, it is important to remember that the first steps can be very difficult. What do you need to know before entering the pool? Where do we start in order not to waste time and energy on training?

Benefits of starting a swimming adventure

First of all, swimming does not carry any risk of injury. Unlike many popular sports, beginners do not experience excessive stress in the spine and joints of the limbs, which we

 cannot exclude in the case of strength exercises. This is great information for people in high-risk groups such as the elderly, people who are obese, or those with osteoporosis. In their case, the problem of injuries is quite common. Therefore, starting swimming training is a safe alternative.

In addition, embarking on a swimming adventure allows you to get such advantages as:

  • regulating blood pressure
  • Learn to breathe properly
  • Improving motor coordination
  • Increased range of motion of the joints
  • Improve cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Burn extra calories, promote weight loss and body shape

Work on correct posture and help eliminate bending defects

Comprehensive strengthening of the muscles of the whole body - especially the muscles of the abdomen and back, which makes it possible to eliminate some problems, for example, back pain syndromes.

How should your swimming adventure begin?

First of all, it is necessary to equip yourself with the appropriate equipment, which is the basis for entering the pool. Before embarking on a swimming adventure, it is advisable to complete a real basic set: slippers, swimwear or swimming trunks, a towel and a swimming

 cap. All of this should be packed into a spacious, water-resistant Olimp Sport Nutrition gym bag. Especially it will also prove useful in other situations, for example a visit to a fitness club, a trip, a football match or a tennis match on the weekend.

And don't forget the accessories that will help you take your first steps in learning to swim. Goggles will help you overcome your fear of snorkeling and bring you real comfort while visiting the pool. It is also important to remember that to start your swimming adventure, you need to purchase the right flotation equipment. Items like pasta or a chalkboard will be a great help for beginners to keep their bodies above the surface.


However, the most important aspect of starting your swimming adventure is training with a qualified instructor. The trainer will help you learn the basics related to coordination and body awareness, overcoming your fear of water, effective breathing and a number of other challenging points that you can master on your own. However, you need to be patient - swimming, like other sports, requires a lot of self-sacrifice and self-confidence. This is the only way to achieve your goal.


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