How does creatine work? Improve your physical performance!

 How does creatine work? Improve your physical performance!

Training and self-employment practices have validated the use of creatine in daily supplements. Maintaining an optimal level of creatine appears to be one of the best ways to maintain good health. How does creatine work and what is the best form to use?

How does creatine work? Increase cell hydration

One of the main properties of creatine is its distinctive ability to bind water molecules, the best example of which is creatine in the classic monohydrate form. This moisturizing effect is used by practitioners who, thanks to creatine supplementation, have been able to obtain a visual effect of a "well-built" silhouette. The use of creatine, along with a balanced diet and regular training, provides optimal conditions for working out the figure.

How does creatine work? Increased level of phosphocreatine

However, we must not forget that the most important activity of creatine is its participation in the process of replenishing ATP stores. The work of certain organs is associated with a high expenditure of energy, which is why some of them need much more ATP than is available - it is an energy carrier for the work of the brain, skeletal muscles, kidneys and body. How does creatine work in this regard?

The task of the presented creatine is to participate in the phosphorylation process, which results in phosphocreatine. The resulting compound is used in the body to re-synthesize ATP, allowing many biochemical processes to continuously access the right amount of

 energy. ATP is significantly used in muscle tissue, especially during intense anaerobic exercise. It is assumed that constant creatine supplementation can lead to an increase in physical performance. This effect can be obtained with 3 grams of creatine per day.

Does the shape of creatine affect the way it works?

There are many different opinions on how to use creatine and what forms of creatine are available in the market. However, to dispel doubts, it must be clarified that each form of creatine acts in the same manner and is involved in the ATP endogenous regeneration mechanism.

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Supporters of legendary creatine monohydrate can get their hands on a creatine 1250 megacaps supplement, making it easy and convenient to enrich their daily diet. Those looking for powdered formulas should take advantage of the innovative Creatine Xplode

 complex. It's a product that combines up to six different forms of creatine, which is additionally enriched with additional taurine. Dissolving in water, it makes it possible to prepare a very refreshing and fruity drink.


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