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How do you teach your child to eat healthy food?

 How do you teach your child to eat healthy food?

Overweight and obesity are common problems in children. Many parents pamper their children with gifts in the form of sweets and salty snacks, which greatly harm them. How do you teach your child to eat healthy to take ready-made meals with ease and fun?

Talk to your child about healthy eating

In many cases, dialogue is the starting point for achieving the desired goal. So it's a good idea to start teaching your child about healthy eating by talking about foods and their role in the body. A simple, illustrative and factual speech about vegetables, fruits, and other food ingredients will surely help in understanding many basic questions. It is also worth choosing ready-made products, which will help the child remember its taste and health benefits.

Healthy eating for kids: Create a healthy shopping list

Shopping is fun for many children, especially when parents allow them to be involved in the selection of products. One of the best ways to teach your child about healthy eating is to shop together and make a list of needed items. When visiting the store, it is a good idea to avoid sections with sweets and other unhealthy products. This will show your child early on that sweet and savory snacks are not staple foods.

Healthy eating for kids: cooking and meal prep together

Nothing brings people together more than spending time together in the kitchen. Involving the child in the process of preparing the meal will allow him not only to acquire valuable skills for the future, but also to more easily understand why, for example, one should not fry, why you should avoid adding a lot of sugar and salt, how to combine certain products. Speaking is very important when cooking. The parent must constantly tell the child what he is doing, for what purpose and what the health benefits are.

Another consideration that is just as important is how the meal is presented. Many kids grumble when it comes to eating something that doesn't look like fancy colored candy. Therefore, it is worth spending some time preparing sandwiches or porridge that will awaken your child's senses. You'll find plenty of inspiration in cookbooks and online, which will help you transform your child's meals and give them a whole new look!

Nutrition for children: offering healthy sweets and snacks

Dessert is an essential item in the daily menu of many children. Therefore, parents have to prepare a meal that is free from unhealthy ingredients and can replace high-calorie sweets from the store. Many suggestions!

  • sweet toast
  • Milkshake
  • Waffle with toppings
  • High protein pancakes
  • A variety of cakes and pastries (such as sweet pies)

Sweetness can be provided by using healthy alternatives (such as erythrol, stevia, honey) and chocolate can be replaced with low-fat cocoa. Also, each recipe should be enriched by adding colorful fruits and garnishing with delicious nuts or hazelnut creams.


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