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How do you take care of the heart through nutrition?

 How do you take care of the heart through nutrition?

Optimal health is a very broad concept. However, there is no doubt that the good condition and functioning of the circulatory system is very important for every human being. How do you take care of your heart? What should the daily diet include? What supplements should I choose to give him extra support?

How do you take care of the heart with a daily diet and nutritional supplements?

The risk of heart failure and condition is very high. Stress, smoking, alcoholism, taking certain medications, or excessive physical activity are just some of the risk factors that can cause cardiovascular health to decline. Problems such as too high or too low blood pressure, atherosclerotic lesions in the blood vessels or abnormal blood composition test results are often the result of a poor diet. It has long been known that food and substances in meals have a real effect on metabolism and the work of internal organs.


To take care of the heart, it is definitely necessary to consider omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The healthy fats come mainly from sea fish and shellfish - which are rarely served due to their particular taste and aroma. Thanks to the Gold Omega 3 supplement from

 Olimp Laboratories, there is no problem in enriching the daily diet with precisely defined portions of EPA and DHA fatty acids. The product range includes supplements with different levels of uniformity (35%, 45% and 65%) and a valuable addition of vitamin E, which provides protection for cells against oxidative stress.


Speaking of oxidative stress, it's hard not to mention the beneficial effects of some fruits. People with cardiovascular problems often turn to grapes, which are a rich source of trans-resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. In addition to protecting against oxidative stress, they

 promote healthy heart function and help maintain optimal health. Trans Resveratrol 200+ capsules from Olimp Laboratories contain highly standardized extracts of grape skins and seeds, which enrich the diet with the above-mentioned active ingredients. Micro-sizing of the aforementioned bark extract ensures excellent absorption and effective action of the contained resveratrol.


To take care of their heart, some people must prioritize maintaining normal cholesterol levels. In addition to a diet rich in healthy vegetable fats, it is worth choosing support through dietary supplements. Cardiochol™ from Olimp Laboratories is a good example of such a product. These small tablets provide monacolin K from fermented rice and plant phytosterols, which have a positive effect on cholesterol. Additionally, the formula is

 enriched with a complex of valuable B vitamins. The presence of folic acid, thiamine (B1), pyridoxine (B6) and cobalamin (B12)) helps support proper heart function, maintain proper homocysteine ​​metabolism, and support proper immune function and production. For erythrocytes (red blood cells).


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