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How do you strengthen our immunity? Discover the 3 best ways!

 How do you strengthen our immunity? Discover the 3 best ways!

Have no idea how to strengthen your immunity?! Although it may seem difficult, in fact, some simple means are enough to take care of our immune system and provide it with the necessary conditions for its proper functioning. Discover 3 effective ways for a better immunity!

How do you strengthen our immunity? Reduce stress!

Easy to say, but definitely much more difficult! However, the influence of factors perceived by the body as stressors (such as temperature extremes, anxiety, a high level of hunger and excessive physical exertion) is not favorable for the immune system. So it is worth slowing down a little, reducing the intensity of the exercises being performed, and sometimes giving

 up and trying to relax. How can you boost your immunity? Try to find at least 30 minutes of time each day for your body and try to calm yourself down, for example, by listening to calm, calm music, meditating or walking, preferably away from the noise of the city.

How do you strengthen our immunity? Take care of your diet!

Today it is not known that a healthy and balanced diet is the basis for maintaining an optimal state of health. Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and a wide range of other active ingredients can help boost your immunity. However, it should be noted that the level of their assimilation from natural sources is usually limited. Despite their high content of active ingredients, most food products are not able to meet daily needs.

For this, it is worth enriching the daily diet with a complete supplement, for example with Odpormax Immuno Xplode powder. It's a novelty in the offering of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, which is made for all those who want to take care of themselves in a multidimensional way! The formula uses carefully selected amounts of supportive

 ingredients, in particular to protect cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress (zinc, vitamin C), immune function (vitamin D) or to enhance the synthesis of glutathione that distributes free oxygen. Roots (L-glutamine). The product was supplemented with valuable additives (such as elderberry extract,

How do you strengthen our immunity? Sleep is good for everything!

Not without reason that sleep is one of the best ways to rejuvenate after a grueling psychophysical effort. Maintaining an optimal amount of sleep (7-9 hours a day) helps calm a stressed nervous system or reduce stress levels. Sleep is also beneficial for boosting our immunity. Disturbed circadian rhythm can be the cause of abnormal production and secretion of melatonin, which affects the way we sleep and the quality of sleep. Follow good sleep habits:

  • Eat no later than two hours before going to bed, the meal should be easily digestible
  • Avoid strong light and limit the use of electronic devices
  • Ensure optimum room temperature and good ventilation.
  • Reduce exposure to intense stimuli, such as noise


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