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How do you refuel before a training session?

 How do you refuel before a training session?

Stress, fatigue, exhaustion and lack of motivation make you feel like you don't have the energy to train? Here are some suggestions on how to support your pre-workout so you can get one step closer to your goal.

How do you refuel before a training session? Try caffeine!

Feeling tired before a planned activity is not a good omen. That's why a cup of coffee is an effective solution for many athletes who want to refuel before a training session. for many years ,

The caffeine it contains was one of the easiest ways to strengthen the body and gain extra energy. Caffeine has a valuable effect on the functioning of the nervous system and helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue that often prevents effective exercise.

However, the specific taste of coffee may not appeal to everyone. This is why it is worth choosing the Olimp Caffeine Kick supplement. It's a great alternative for those who avoid coffee, with a solid dose of pure caffeine in convenient, easy-to-swallow capsules you can always take with you!

Bulletproof pre-workout booster coffee

Since we are talking about coffee, we can not forget about the "bullet" version. Bulletproof coffee is a blend of classic black coffee with a solid percentage of fat. This is usually the addition of a natural nut cream (such as Olympus cashew butter) or MCT oil. The last product is a great source of fatty acids

Medium chain, derived from plants (eg palm or coconut trees). Olimp MCT Oil can be a valuable source of additional energy before training. Additionally, MCTs are often credited with the beneficial effect of reducing muscle glycogen consumption, which is an additional way to conserve energy for exercise.

Too much energy? Take pre-workout supplements

If you're wondering how to boost your energy before a workout, you can't go wrong with taking supplements designed to support your body before your specific activity. We're naturally talking about pre-supplements

Exercise - formulas containing components that have an effect, for example, on the correct energy metabolism, the elimination of fatigue or the correct functioning of the nervous system. It also has a beneficial effect on the ability of athletes to exercise.


Among them are certainly the most successful pre-workout products: Olimp Pump Xplode, Olimp R-weiler or Olimp Blackweiler. These are well-thought-out combinations that guarantee effective and safe work. These products are intended for all lovers of an active lifestyle, especially lovers of strength and power training

endurance. Its composition was developed in the modern laboratories of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories, where every detail has been taken care of: optimal proportions, high-quality raw materials and the necessary physical, chemical and microbiological purity analyzes.


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