How do you recover properly after exercise?

 How do you recover properly after exercise?

Regeneration after a workout is the main way to get the desired results. Give your muscles and entire body the optimum recovery. Learn how to properly recover after exercise.

How do you recover well after exercise? A full meal

It is best to start eating a full meal after your workout. Exhausted energy resources, loss of minerals with perspiration, excessive depletion of glycogen - all this must be replenished in

 order for the body to properly relax and achieve complete recovery. The post-workout meal should contain all the necessary nutrients, and it should also be rich in vitamins and minerals. In the latter case, care should be taken with electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium.


Dinner should be eaten two hours before bedtime. Your digestive system will have enough time to digest most food, which will not cause your intestines to overburden while you sleep. Overeating right before bed can lead to sleep problems and even severe pain - it's hard to talk about resting after a tiring day and being physically active.

How do you recover well after exercise? sleep hygiene

Speaking of sleep, it is interesting to ensure optimum sleep hygiene. Its role in a good recovery after exercise is very important! Getting enough sleep is a necessity to rejuvenate your body. You also need to properly equip the bedroom - so ventilate the room and make

 sure the bedding is new. When you're in bed, take a few minutes to regulate your breathing. Deep, calm breathing makes it easier to release excessive stress and is good for your mood.

Good rest after exercise and daily diet

In some cases, a healthy and varied diet may not be enough. High-intensity exercise requires an extremely high level of commitment from the body, which may require even greater rejuvenation needs. So it's important to make sure that you consume some of the most important nutrients right after your workout.

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