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How do you recognize a deficiency of essential vitamins?

 How do you recognize a deficiency of essential vitamins?

Vitamins are a group of active ingredients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism. An unbalanced diet can lead to insufficient amounts of these, which can lead to the appearance of a number of abnormalities. How do you recognize a deficiency in the most important vitamins? How do we treat it?

A deficiency in the most important vitamins makes daily life difficult.

The starting point is to briefly divide vitamins into two groups. The first group is fat-soluble vitamins, which include vitamins A, D, E, K. It is stored by the body (in adipose tissue and liver), which is lucky - on the one hand, it can be a source of it. Harmful excesses, on the other hand, an optimal diet and adequate consumption of healthy fats make it possible to maintain their content at an adequate level.

The second group, meanwhile, consists of water-soluble vitamins. These are B vitamins (such as biotin, folic acid, folate, niacin, B12, B6, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and thiamine) and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). These substances do not accumulate in the body, and when supplied in excess quantities are eliminated through urine and sweat. Therefore, they rarely pose a risk of toxic poisoning and at the same time must be provided to the body through the daily diet.

Vitamin deficiency is mainly due to poor diet. Consuming a large number of processed products, which do not contain valuable nutrients, actually does not allow to supply the desired vitamin components. How do you recognize a deficiency in the most important vitamins? Here are some examples of signs of a deficiency in the daily diet:

  1. Impaired normal muscle function
  2. Acid-base imbalance
  3. Deterioration of skin, hair and nails
  4. Decreased strength of bones, teeth and cartilage
  5. Decreased immunity and increased susceptibility to infection
  6. Decreased quality of focus and other psychological functions
  7. Low energy levels and increased tiredness

How to overcome the lack of essential vitamins?

One of the best ways to treat a deficiency of essential vitamins in your daily diet is through supplementation. Olimp Sport Nutrition and its flagship product Vita-Min Multi Sport is a product that allows you to cover the daily demand for essential vitamins and minerals. The materials used in the product were selected in optimal proportions and obtained from

 microbiologically tested raw materials, a guarantee of the necessary pharmaceutical standards and safety during use. The product has been enriched with plant extracts and ALA, which brings more benefits in terms of maintaining a healthy and varied diet. The supplement is available in the form of convenient capsules.


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